Pearl in Valorant Episode 5 Dimension: All features to look out for, release date and more

Pearl in Valorant Episode 5 Act 1: Release date, features, and more (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pearl in Valorant Episode 5 Act 1: Release date, features, and more (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is set to release their eighth map with the arrival of Episode 5: Dimension in the coming days. Taking inspiration from Portuguese culture, Riot Games have designed their new map, Pearl, with a variety of interesting features.

Pearl will join Ascent, Bind, Breeze, Fracture, Haven, Icebox and Split in the game's map pool. Similar to the release of Fracture, players can expect a Pearl-only mode for a limited duration, which will allow them to select only Pearl in their unrated matchmaking.

Join us for Dia do Santuário–a celebration of PEARL: The wonder beneath the waves.

Episode 5: Dimension will also bring forward a new Battlepass, a brand new skinline and a few exciting changes for the game's audience. Patch 5.0, which will introduce the aforementioned changes, will arrive on June 22, soon after the conclusion of the ongoing Act.

When is Valorant's new map Pearl releasing, and what features can we expect?

Set in Omega-Earth, Pearl unwraps an entirely new narrative for Valorant's lore enthusiasts. Unlike any of the previous maps, Pearl will be set in an underwater city and will not contain any unique mechanics such as teleporters, ascenders, ropelines or doors.

According to the developers at Riot Games, Pearl is a three-lane map with a small mid area and long-range wings. Due to the various elevated areas within the map, the Attackers will have to descend into Defender territory to infiltrate the spike sites and complete their objectives.

Forgot to climb? You’ve still got a little time. Grab a few more games before the Ranked Act ends. Ranked Act ends on 06/22.

Additionally, the map will also feature murals from Portuguese muralists and a traditional piece of Fado, a style of Portuguese music that originated in Lisbon in the early 19th-century.

With the previous map's release being over nine months ago, the addition of Pearl to Valorant will be a fresh touch for the game's global playerbase. A few weeks after Pearl's release, players can witness some of Valorant's best esport athletes compete on the map on a professional level as well.

Patch 5.0 release date and time

Patch 5.0 is set to arrive in a week, bringing forward the new map, Pearl, along with the latest Battlepass and the Prelude to Chaos skin collection. The ongoing Act of Valorant will end on June 22. A few hours after its conclusion, players can expect the Patch 5.0 update to drop.

The expected release time for Patch 5.0 and Episode 5: Dimension is as follows:

  • 3.00 PM PDT
  • 6.00 PM ET
  • 11.00 PM BST
  • 3.30 AM IST (next day)
  • 8.00 AM JST (next day)

Soon after the update arrives, game servers all over the world are expected to be down for an unspecified period, usually lasting one to two hours. Once the update is complete, players can hop onto the game and enjoy Pearl, the Prelude to Chaos bundle, and the upcoming Battlepass, along with other features.

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