Players are trapping opponents with Yoru in Valorant

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Players have found an innovative way to trap their opponents with Yoru in a match of Valorant.

Yoru, a duelist from Japan, is the latest agent added to the roster in Valorant. Patch 2.00 also brought a lot of new content as the launch of a brand new episode, Episode 2 Formation Act 1.

In a recent Reddit post, an innovative way to trap and kill opponents was demonstrated. This is achieved through the use of Yoru’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Drift, in Valorant.

Using Yoru’s ultimate ability to trap the opponent in Valorant

Yoru was introduced in the first act of Episode 2 in Valorant. Episode 2 came with a redesigned ranking system, which shows the entire rank progression to the players.

With patch 2.00, which introduced Episode 2 Act 1, the in-game leaderboard was added. The leaderboard features the top 500 players from a region that are granted the rank of Radiant.

Yoru's basic ability, Fakeout, can create fake footsteps to distract opponents. And, Blindside, his other basic ability, can blind the opponent’s vision with a flash.

His signature ability, Gatecrash, can teleport him to a rift. The rift can either be placed at a point or be sent ahead in a straight path.

Yoru’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Drift, let’s him enter a parallel dimension. He can essentially move around the map in this dimension, and he cannot be seen or get damaged by the enemy. Yoru won’t be able to damage the opponents either, and it is most useful to gather intel on the enemy locations.

Recently, u/UKarmy03 posted a new way to utilize Yoru’s ultimate ability. In his video on Reddit, Karmy03’s teammate Yoru, whilst being in his Dimensional Drift, rushed in and cornered the opponent Killjoy near the teleporter in B site.

Meanwhile, Karmy03 playing Rayna, followed his teammate Yoru and killed the opponent Killjoy at the right opportunity.

Since Yoru can’t take damage in his Dimensional Drift form, the opponent Killjoy could not affect him. But, on the other hand, Yoru does have a physical presence. Hence, he was able to trap Killjoy.

Yoru is slowly proving himself to be not only a capable agent but a fan-favorite one at that. Multiple Yoru strategies such as the Dimensional Drift to scout out the enemy location or the teleportation to the opponent base has proven to be useful.

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