Riot lends a helping hand to the Sentinels Valorant team, currently suffering in winter storm 

 (Image via Sentinels)
(Image via Sentinels)

Riot Games has sent packaged water to the Sentinels Valorant team, currently struggling under the stormy conditions in Texas.

Texas is undergoing a severe water and electricity crisis since a winter storm hit the state recently. The nights are freezing cold, and there's been a real shortage of food and water.

With multiple deaths already recorded, many people have been homeless since the storm shook the state. The lack of drinking water has forced citizens to boil tap water.

American Valorant team Sentinels expressed how devastating the situation in Texas currently is on its Twitter account.

Riot Games sent a care package of water to the Sentinels Valorant team

Due to the water crisis, Riot Games reached out to the team and lent a helping hand. A package of drinking water was delivered to the apartment of the players.

Most of the players that make up the Sentinels live in the same apartment. The people in Texas are currently being forced to wait in long queues outside grocery stores for water.

Valorant fans were extremely appreciative of this gesture from Riot.

This gesture highlights the strong relationship between Valorant players and the producers. Riot is often attentive to bug fixes and changes required by the players, but this will go down as its greatest sign of camaraderie with the Valorant community.

The Sentinels management team decided to gift the producers a package of Sentinels Valorant merchandise.

Despite the dangers faced by the team, it managed to take down Faze Clan with a 2-0 score at the VCT Challengers recently.

The conditions are getting better now. The snow has started melting, and the houses are getting power. Things aren't perfect, but will surely get back to normal soon.

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