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Valorant could be heading towards a new Ranked system according to dataminers

Datamined code reveals a possible new ranked system in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Datamined code reveals a possible new ranked system in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Modified 19 Dec 2020

Trusted dataminers @Valorleaks and @Shiick reveal datamined codes which suggest that the ranked system in Valorant could be very similar to the current "LP System" present in League of Legends.

According to a video published by HITSCAN on YouTube, datamined leaks reveal a new ranked system for Valorant. These leaks suggest that players will be awarded with an MMR(Match Making Rating), which will vary according to the player's performance.

It is further believed that there will specific medals for each MMR tier, according to a players MMR number.

Image via HITSCAN
Image via HITSCAN

Given that it hasn't even been a year since Valorant's release, the shift from an Elo rating-based ranked system to an MMR-based one has come fairly early, especially in comparison to Riot Games' other major esports title - League of Legends.

It was only after the third season of League of Legends that the Elo rating-based rank system was replaced by the current LP-based rank system.

Here's everything that fans need to know about a possible MMR-based rank system in Valorant.


Changes to the Rank System in Valorant

Yet to complete a year as a globally renowned esports title, Valorant's ranked matchmaking faces a bunch of issues that most multiplayer titles usually do. Not to forget that Riot Games' League of Legends has also faced its fair share of heat from the community for its rank system.

Nevertheless, the implementation of an MMR-based rank system brings quite a few advantages over an elo rating-based rank system.

To be precise, an MMR-based rank system not only provides players with a better understanding of their growth and development, but also allows the player to know where they stand at any specific moment.

However, the elo rating-based rank system had its own share of benefits over a MMR-based rank system. The Elo rating format allows players to get judged according to their performance, instead of simply their ability to win.

Make no mistake, winning a match has the highest weightage for ranking up in Elo rating-based formats as well. However, a player's individual performance, as well as impact on the outcome of a match, are also taken into consideration.


With that being said, there is no guarantee about how a MMR-based rank system would perform in Valorant, and neither has Riot Games provided any official information regarding this change.

Given the amount of thought and planning that the developers have been putting into Valorant ever since the game's release, it feels safe to say that no matter what the final rank system for the game might be, the developers at Riot Games will ensure that it is the best possible one for the future of the title.

Published 19 Dec 2020, 00:05 IST
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