Team Ace in Valorant: What does it mean?

Team Ace in Valorant
Team Ace in Valorant

Much before Valorant, the term "ace" had entered the gamer lexicon. "Ace," in the video game context, denotes a situation when one player of a team kills all of the players of the enemy team in a given round.

With Valorant though, another term has made its way into the gaming community, which is "Team Ace." After every round of Valorant is over with a victory, it is common to see banners popping up, denoting a particular feat that happened that round. The banners include "Flawless," "Thrifty," "Ace," "Team Ace," and so on.

"Team Ace," as a term, might come off as confusing to players, especially ones who are familiar with the term "Ace." This article will go into detail about what the term "Team Ace" means and exactly when the banner denoting it pops up.

What does Team Ace mean in Valorant?

A "Team Ace" occurs when every player in team B is killed by a different player of team A. This simply means that every opponent player has to die at the hands of a different player.

However, a Team Ace can also take place when the other team started the round with less than five players. Let’s say, if the other team only started the round with four players, the opposing team could still get a Team Ace if each member of the opposing team dies to a different player on its side.

Team Ace can also have a different implication in a round where resurrection has been used. Valorant agent Sage has "Resurrection" as her ultimate ability, and it means that she can use it to resurrect one of her downed teammates. In a round like this, it is possible to get a Team Ace despite one player in Sage’s enemy team getting two kills, since the resurrected player can be killed by two different players.

All in all, Team Ace requires some good luck to pull off. One might even call it serendipity, since all players need to get kills in a given round to make a Team Ace a reality.

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