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The story behind the Valorant's Controller Agents

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Modified 08 Feb 2021

Riot Games has built a unique world with interesting characters in Valorant. Developers have generally avoided common storytelling methods like a traditional campaign mode. Instead, they have brilliantly utilized in-game design, voice lines, player cards, and other methods to build a cohesive interconnected world with rich stories.

The main story revolves around a resource called Radianite and the struggle to control it. This resource was first discovered during an event called First Light. Riot Games hasn’t elaborated much about it. However, Radianite was discovered during the Worldwide Event.

Several people who came in contact with Radianite gained special abilities, and are now known as Radiants.

An Organization called Kingdom Corporation came into existence after First Light. The primary purpose of this Organization is to harness the power of Radianite.

After First Light events, a shadow organization organised Valorant Protocol to bring individuals with Radiant power and Radiantite technology from across the world to protect Raidianite from the Kingdom Corporation.

The Valorant Controller agents

Currently, the Valorant roster consists of 3 Controller type agents. These agents are advised to hold an area to stop spike planting or to ensure spike planting. The lore of each controller agent is as follows:


BrimStone Image Captured at
BrimStone Image Captured at

Brimstone's codename is Sarge, and he originates from the United States. He utilizes Radianite powered equipment to his advantage. Not much information has been revealed about his backstory. But he is often regarded as the commander of the Valorant Protocol. Brimstone shares some kind of connection with the Kingdom corporation, evident by the K insignia present on his armor stripe and his Molly launcher. He is also Killjoy’s Guardian.

Brimstone has a Radianite equipped satellite orbiting the planet. He can call in smoke strikes utilizing the satellite. He is resented as a tactician with a great knowledge of the map. Skilled Brimstone players with map knowledge can hold off spike sites with ease.


Omen Image Captured at
Omen Image Captured at

Omen's codename is Wraith. His origin is shrouded in mystery. But he is often described as a “Shadow Hunter”. Omen is a Radiant and has a shadow and smoke power.


Based on the in-game voice lines, Omen knew Viper before Valorant Protocol and shared a deep personal relationship. It is evident that he is working for Kingdom Corporation based on the K insignia on his hood.

Omen's powers are based on creating smoke and shadows. He can create a smokescreen as well as teleport through shadows. A skilled Omen player can not only hold off a site but also flank opponents when needed.


Viper Image Captured at
Viper Image Captured at

Viper goes by the codename Pandemic or Sabine. She is originally from the United States. As mentioned by Riot PHRISK, Viper is originally from Alaska.

Viper knew Omen before the Valorant Protocol and shared a deep and personal relationship based on voice lines. It is also speculated that she works for Kingdom Corporation based on the K insignia at her belt.

She utilizes Radiantite powered weapons to deploy her poisonous chemicals. A skilled user of Viper can control a site and throw the opponent team into chaos.

Valorant Controller agents are underestimated occasionally. Lore-wise, it may be possible that all three Controllers of Valorant Protocol are working for Kingdom corporation.

There is a lot of information to be discovered. Like, what happened during First Light? What is Radianite? Who is the shadow client behind Valorant Protocol? Fans are asking all these questions. Hopefully, Riot Games will do a deep-lore-dive soon.

Published 08 Feb 2021, 18:41 IST
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