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Valorant dev explains extra Yoru buff missing from 2.06 patch notes

Yoru buff that went missing from the patch notes
Yoru buff that went missing from the patch notes
Modified 05 Apr 2021

Yoru was released in Valorant on 12 January 2021. Since then, the general community sentiment regarding his viability in competitive play has been negative. Yoru had an abysmally low pick rate in the professional stage which necessitated some buffs coming his way.

Riot Games addressed this issue by giving Yoru significant buffs in patch 2.06 which came on 30 March 2021. The patch notes included buffs to Yoru’s Blindside, Gate Crash, and Dimensional Drift abilities.

This already seemed enough to bring Yoru into the competitive Valorant meta, since his effectiveness as an agent increased significantly with the buffs. But as it pans out, there was another buff that the devs forgot to put into the patch notes, and it also went unnoticed by the Valorant player base.

Riot confirms a Yoru buff that went accidentally missing from Valorant 2.06 patch notes

Valorant developer Rycou took to Twitter on April 3, 2021 to inform the player base about the change that went mistakenly missing from the patch notes.

The patch note says that the time it takes to unequip out of Dimensional Drift has been decreased from 1.0 >>> 0.6. This was done to make Yoru feel more combat-ready when coming out of Dimensional drift.

Rycou also mentioned that this would punish players who don’t respect Yoru’s presence. They admitted that in the previous state of the ability, coming out of Dimensional Drift felt like a death trap. But he also stated that there should still be room for some counter-play as Yoru won’t be able to assassinate enemies with impunity.

It is yet to be seen how competitively viable Yoru will becomes after the long list of buffs. Regarding this, 100 Thieves skipper Spencer “Hiko” Martin’s opinion might be a shot in the right direction. He emphasized on Yoru’s utility in team composition and to play him more in a supportive role.

Published 05 Apr 2021, 00:20 IST
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