Top 5 Agents for competitive solo queue in Valorant's Haven in Espisode 2 Act 3

Top five Valorant agents in Haven (Image from Riot Games)
Top five Valorant agents in Haven (Image from Riot Games)

Valorant's versatile roster of agents offers players a variety of options to approach a particular match. Each agent comes with a unique toolkit and has varying synergies with the other agents.

Valorant maps are also quite unique. The difference is not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of their level design and other gameplay-related reasons. So, it only makes sense that different agents have varying amounts of success in different maps. For example, an agent like Cypher can hold sites in Split much more successfully than in a map like Breeze as Cypher’s tripwires work best in narrow alleyways.

Moreover, there are some agents who are exponentially more effective in the professional environment as they benefit from good coordination. Replicating this in a pub setting is not always possible.

Haven layout (Image from
Haven layout (Image from

Haven is the only map in Valorant which comprises three bomb sites. This necessitates information gathering in the early portions of the round so that players can reach the part of the map where they are needed the most. For this reason, sentinels and controllers who can hold off a part of the map for a significant amount of time serve a really crucial role in Haven.

Here’s a rundown of the top five agents in Haven for Valorant’s competitive solo queue in the current 2.08 patch.

Top 5 Valorant agents for ranked solo queue in Haven in patch 2.08


Haven is one of Killjoy’s strongest maps in Valorant. Retaking sites is really crucial in a map like Haven, and Killjoy’s ult has unmatched potential when it comes to that.



Skye’s multiple ways of gathering information come in handy, as information gained early in the rounds can make or break a team’s attack or defense.



Haven has three sites compared to the two on all the other Valorant maps, which means players often rotate a lot on the attacker site. This means that multiple smokes have to be used in different places at various times in a round.

With Omen’s smokes regenerating, he is the only agent who can effectively play with or against this. The presence of a lot of verticality in Haven gives tremendous value to Omen’s teleport ability. The map is structured in such a way that Omen has a host of strong ult locations that can't be cleared efficiently by the defense.



Sage’s ability to hold off a push with her walls comes in handy in Haven as the defender’s side is spread too thin in Haven. Sage’s wall buys very valuable time as her teammates can rotate utilizing it.



The areas on the map with long sight lines are ideal ones to control in Haven. For example, she can stay with an operator watching over C Long. In case enemies don’t come there, she can rotate off to other places on the map with this high mobility.


Moreover, Haven has some of the most verticality in Valorant, giving Jett a lot of valuable off angles on top of different boxes and containers.

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