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Top 5 fan-created Valorant Agents

Yoru Image by Riot Games
Yoru Image by Riot Games
Modified 14 Jan 2021, 14:57 IST

Valorant fans have been designing and creating their agents with a variety of abilities and sporting unique looks.

Valorant has unique agents for players to chose. A new agent is introduced with every new act. Each agent has a number of abilities that can be broadly classified into four categories.

Fans have been creating custom agents with unique abilities for some tiime. Some of these designs are highly innovative and exciting.

Fan-created Valorant Agents

Valorant currently consists of 14 agents with the latest agent - Yoru - joining the roster in Episode 2 - Act 1. Every agent can be broadly classified into roles based on their suggested playstyle.

Let’s discuss some of the best fan-created agents.

5. Samat

Samat Image by @haddockk
Samat Image by @haddockk

Samat is a fan-created agent designed by Twitter user @haddockk. Not much is known about her abilities or roles. However, Samat’s character design suggests an ethnically rich origin.

Role: Unknown

Basic ability (C): Unknown

Basic ability (Q): Unknown

SIgnature ability (E): Unknown

Ultimate ability (X): Unknown

4. Set

Set Image by u/Detrimonios
Set Image by u/Detrimonios

Set is described as a 'radiant' based on the Egyptian god of chaos. He has sand-based abilities. Reddit user u/Detrimonios designed this agent for Valorant along with adding details of his abilities on the Twitter thread.

Role: Controller

Basic ability (C): Dune Rounds

Basic ability (Q): Sand Trap


SIgnature ability (E): Sandstorm

Ultimate ability (X): Mirage

3. Kabuto

Kabuto Image by @ThesuddenHero
Kabuto Image by @ThesuddenHero

@ThesuddenHero has created 32 unique agents. His latest creation is Kabuto - a dualist from Japan similar to Yoru. Kabuto is possessed by a demon that grants a number of abilities.

Role: Duelist

Basic ability (C): Situational Swapping

Basic ability (Q): Obsidian’s Alleviation

SIgnature ability (E): Quick Slash

Ultimate ability (X): Okazaki Ancestor


2. Vice

Vice Image by u/gravemindrk
Vice Image by u/gravemindrk

Vice’s design and initial back story are created by u/gravemindrk. His abilities are assigned by u/kialand. Vice is described as an anti-hero who uses a talisman and swift stealth to assassinate opponents.

Role: Duelist

Basic ability (C): Soulfire

Basic ability (Q): Dreaded Pathway

SIgnature ability (E): Intonjutsu

Ultimate ability (X): Double Cross

1. Merino

Merino Image by u/byAmel
Merino Image by u/byAmel

Merino is the creation of u/byAmel. This character is an Italian ex-kingdom scientist who uses radiant infused water to eliminate opponents.

Role: Sentinel

Basic ability (C): Water Slide

Basic ability (Q): Mariana Trench

SIgnature ability (E): Dense Structure

Ultimate ability (X): The Last Stand

Other than these designs, fans have created a number of other fascinating designs with a rich character background. It is always enjoyable to speculate about the next possible agent.

Published 14 Jan 2021, 14:57 IST
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