Top 5 teams to look out for at VCT Masters Shanghai

Top 5 teams to look out for at VCT Masters Shanghai
Gen.G and Leviatan during the 2024 VCT Regular Season (Image via X/@LeviatanGG and @vctpacific

VCT Masters Shanghai will commence on May 23 and some exciting teams are set to appear on the grand stage in China. With Stage 1 playoffs being concluded, we have 12 teams that will go to the international LAN event for Valorant. A lot of these teams regularly make it to the highest level of Valorant gaming, however, this 2024 VCT season, some teams have stood out.

From Gen.G to Team Heretics, here are five teams that may just surprise everyone to perhaps clinch the Masters trophy with a win.

5 teams that could win VCT Masters Shanghai

5) EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming (Image via X/@EDG_Edward)
EDward Gaming (Image via X/@EDG_Edward)

China's very own EDward Gaming may surprise all by winning at VCT Masters Shanghai. They certainly have a home-ground advantage over the other international team who would be traveling to Shanghai to attend the grand event.

The performance of ZmjjKK during Masters Madrid was a sight to behold and no one has shown such exceptional skill and understanding of the game so far in the regional games. More importantly, the team has played against big names, such as Paper Rex, Gen.G., and more. This time, their confidence boost after coming up first during playoffs may just pave the path to ultimate victory.

4) Team Heretics

Team Heretics (Image via X/@TeamHeretics)
Team Heretics (Image via X/@TeamHeretics)

Team Heretics has had a rather successful run in the EMEA regular season. The team won 4 out of a total of five matches, defeating teams like FNATIC, FUT Esports, and NatusVincere to make it to Masters Shanghai.

Their Sentinel main benjyfishy has been making waves in the VCTs with his exceptional aim, skill, and timing. He often outfrags all the duelists on the server too.

Meanwhile, brothers MiniBoo and Boo are also brilliant at supporting one another and the team to secure rounds. Heretics could certainly prove a major threat to other teams at VCT Masters Shanghai.

3) Leviatan

So far in the competition, Leviatan has had somewhat mixed results. The Chilean org features one of the most power-packed rosters in the current VCTs. Star players like C0M and aspas have been incredibly successful and kiNgg's leadership has proven superior on many maps.

They've won most of their matches during the regular season leading up to qualification for VCT Masters Shanghai. Perhaps their aggressive and sharp approach to the game will make them worthy competitors during the international event.

2) Paper Rex

Paper Rex is yet another team that is bound to be trouble for all regions during Masters Shanghai. The team finished in the number one spot during playoffs to qualify for Masters Shanghai. Perhaps the only team to run a team composition without an actual IGL, PRX is a visionary organization for sure.

With members like d4v41 being back on the team, PRX has come into the game stronger than ever. Their former star duelist, Jett main f0rsakeN, has recently become more flexible with role changes. He's often seen sporting KayO, Breach, and Harbor. With his added flexibility and the aggressive approach of Jinggg, PRX could conquer VCT Masters Shanghai.

1) Gen.G

Gen.G has a fair chance of winning, given that the team makes some adjustments, like capturing all the space they can during their defensive halves without hesitation.

VCT Masters Shanghai is an event where some of the best teams will clash, and Gen.G has proven time and time again that they're a threat to everyone, even pushing regional icons Paper Rex to their limits.

Players like t3xture and Munchkin have been exceptional in their matches during the regular season at VCT Pacific. Moreover, Meteor, Lakia, and Karon have been able to provide strong support.

Gen.G could take the trophy home. Their next scheduled match is up against NA's Leviatan. This is only their first barrier to cross.

These were the top five teams to look out for at VCT Masters Shanghai. Some of these teams have a really solid chance of taking home the crown. Rivalries like the one between Gen.G and PRX will certainly be an exciting watch at one of the highest levels of Valorant gameplay.

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Edited by Aatreyee Aich
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