Trailer of Valorant's tropical new map Breeze leaks online

Breeze is Valorant's sixth map. (Image from PlayValorant Twitter)
Breeze is Valorant's sixth map. (Image from PlayValorant Twitter)
Manodeep Mukherjee

Just as snippets of Valorant’s new tropical-themed map were leaked online, a full-blown video trailer of it has surfaced, thanks to ValorLeaks, the go-to Twitter handle for Valorant’s leaks and teases.

This Valorant map in question is named "Breeze" and it would be the sixth entry into Valorant’s map pool. Affirming previously leaked images of the upcoming map, the video showcases its tropical seaside setting.

It seems from the video that Breeze incorporates an old seaside castle and mixes it up with a few semi-futuristic elements, as has been the tradition with the previous Valorant maps as well.

Valorant’s new map, Breeze, seem to be quite a treat

Leaving aside the aesthetic side of it, Breeze, gameplay-wise, seems to feature a good balance of long-range zones and tight hallways. If Riot can maintain that fine balance, Breeze might just become the crowd-favorite.

There is also plenty of verticality that can be spotted from the leaked video trailer. This will allow players to formulate their high ground strategies to mow down opponents.

Riot’s official Twitter account, PlayValorant, also tweeted three images showing off different areas of the map, Breeze. The series of images, titled ‘Discover’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Wander’ respectively, were each tagged with a ‘Visit Breeze’ footnote.

Riot has not yet announced the date of Breeze’s release, or even officially published the video trailer of the map. But from the looks of it, Valorant fans won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on a new map, as the release of Icebox was in October last year.

The developers behind Valorant have periodically kept new content flowing in the form of new agents, weapon skins, and more. However, one area the game lacks is the number of in-game maps. Designing a map from scratch and ensuring it is competitively balanced while setting itself apart from the other already existing maps is not as easy as it sounds.

Hence, the release of each new map is a big landmark. And from what can be seen in the leaked video trailer, Valorant fans are set to be on an exhilarating wait until they get their hands on the sixth map of the game, Breeze.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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