TSM vs Gen.G: The longest match in Valorant Champions Tour history

TSM and Gen.G makes history with the longest Valorant match in VCT (Image via Riot Games)
TSM and Gen.G makes history with the longest Valorant match in VCT (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant has been competitive since its release back in 2020. Just like every other competitive game, Valorant also received its own global esports ecosystem.

Even though Valorant came out in the midst of a pandemic, that did not stop it from becoming one of the biggest esports games this decade. Riot Games, after hosting their very first official tournament called “First Strike,” was confirmed that the game had a long way to go.

Around the world, many players are trying to get into the vast esports environment Valorant provides. This makes the competition merciless, because every professional player tries to be the very best.


In one such tournament match in VCT 3 NA Challenger 2, the sheer will of these professional players made fans awe in shock. The match has entered record books as longest Valorant match in history.

Valorant TSM vs Gen.G’s showdown

The previous record holders for the longest Valorant match were Velocity Gaming and God Squad during the TEC Challenger Series 1 in India. However, their record was recently broken by North American teams TSM and Gen.G on map Split going over 40 rounds.

TSM did not have a great start, losing the first map 10-13. To turn the tables around, TSM had to put their best on the second map and still keep their hopes up.

In Split, TSM and Gen.G had their greatest showdown yet. Both teams tried their best to either keep the match going or end it. When the score reached 20-20 for both sides, a tactical timeout was called and the score was reset. Soon after the tactical timeout, TSM secured their map win with a final score of 23-21 overall.

Gen.G professional player Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison also broke the record of the highest number of kills in VCT with 49 kills. It was previously held by Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk from 100T with 48 kills.

Even after a slow start, TSM managed to get to the third map, Icebox and move to the Upper Brackets with a score of 10-13 as Attackers. The finish was made by Wardell and Bang from TSM, as they clutched the final round in a 2v3 situation.

Valorant matches between TSM and Gen.G in VCT Challenger 2 will be remembered by the players and inspire them to not give up.

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