Valorant Chamber guide: How to master the upcoming Sentinel agent

Chamber is the first Sentinel with aggressive prowess (Image via Wallpaper Abyss)
Chamber is the first Sentinel with aggressive prowess (Image via Wallpaper Abyss)

The next major update for Valorant will include a new Sentinel agent who can ace any gunfight situation thanks to his mechanical-based ability.

With the introduction of Chamber, the latest Sentinel agent was added to Valorant Protocol. Valorant has seventeen agents who belong to four different classes with their defining characteristics to fit in each of these classes.

The addition of Chamber to the Sentinel class has brought a lot of controversy regarding his classification as a Sentinel. His aggressive potential in any team distinguishes him from other Sentinel agents, but defending with him can only be done offensively.

This article will focus on how the new agent can be used to deny the entries of the opponent and act as an effective barrier.

The best ways to use Chamber in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3

Chamber is the eighteenth agent of the Valorant Protocol and serves as a Sentinel. However, his abilities are more forceful than those of the other Sentinels in Valorant. Chamber's abilities include teleportation, trapping of enemies, and two weapon-based abilities.

Sentinel players with good aim or mechanical skills would prefer Chamber over any other agent. His teleportation ability is more potent than Yoru, who has consistently remained at the bottom of the performance chart since his release.

However, Chamber teleportation can be considered medium-ranged and allows swift teleportation from one point to the other. To fully utilize him, using teleportation points within a single site can be very effective as it can be used to deceive his enemies. Not only that, but if enemies push too hard into sites, Chamber can teleport to a safer location with his Rendezvous ability to retaliate.

Aside from Chamber's teleportation ability, his trapping ability, Trademark, can be used to automatically obstruct enemies like Sage's slow orbs. These traps can be used at high-traffic choke points to deny attackers' entry into sites or slow down defenders trying to retake a site.

His other two abilities are mainly based on mechanical skills, so their applications will vary depending on the situation. Headhunter ability is primarily focused on boosting the aiming performance of pistols by giving them aim-down sights. With this ability, players can use their Sherrif pistol with slightly more zoom and use it as a Marshal when doing an eco.

Lastly, his ultimate, Tour de Force, can be used to deny entry to opponents by giving him an operator massively. Activating this at the start of the round will make enemies think twice before entering a site if the player using Chamber is someone they should fear.

Overall, Chamber’s methods of acting as Sentinel in Valorant might not be as a shield but as a spear who can keep his enemies away while hurting them.

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