Valorant Chamber Guide: How to play the agent on Bind

What ways can Chamber be used in Valorant's Bind map (Image by Sportskeeda)
What ways can Chamber be used in Valorant's Bind map (Image by Sportskeeda)
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Chamber is the latest addition to the Valorant Protocol, and is taking over the current in-game meta by storm with his teleportation ability and other useful gadgets.

Bind is one of the original maps that came out after the release of Valorant back in June 2, 2021 and has earned the hearts of many players as their favorite map. The map’s teleporters create many opportunities and creative approach each of the sites, making Bind interesting as a whole.


Chamber is equipped with multiple abilities to help himself and his team in an aggressive way.

Sentinels in Valorant are usually known for their expertise with defense in any team they are a part of. However, for Chamber, the approach differs from that of other Sentinels in the game.

How to play Chamber on Valorant’s Bind?

Most of Chamber’s abilities rely on gunplay and pure mechanical skills. However, some like 'Rendezvous' and 'Trademark' require a lot of planning or strategizing before making an approach in a game like Valorant.

Chamber goes live, 5-stack at any rank, bugs and more. Read it in Patch Notes 3.10:

Bind A Site setup for Chamber

Chamber can use his Rendezvous ability in two key locations, one being on higher ground at the entrance to Lamps and the vantage point right beside A Bath exit. Additionally, the agent can also be used to place his Trademark ability on either end of the site entrance in order to slow down the enemies.

By using this setup, Chamber can be easily maneuvered from one point to the other, while giving him vision over A Baths and A Short simultaneously. This will allow players to take control of the overall site. Also, if the Trademark ability is combined on the entrance, Chamber will get enough to hit his enemies hard.

Bind B Site setup for Chamber

Playing Chamber on this site seems a bit risky, but the agent can still be used at his full potential. One of his teleporter points can be placed on higher ground near the B Main entrance, and another at the back of the B Site for quick repositioning.

To support the team's overall performance, players can also choose to place his Trademark traps on either B Main entrance or B Hookah to get better defensive coverage on the site.

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