Valorant Champions 2021: Every team that has qualified for the knockout stage so far

Qualified teams at Champions 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Qualified teams at Champions 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Champions 2021 is in full throttle and fans worldwide are treated to thrilling matches and comebacks. Being both the culminating event of the year-long VCT and the first-ever Championship, it is turning out to be a gala affair.

With the group matches coming to a close in a couple of days, the later stage of the tournament is starting to take shape. The first of the elimination matches will take place on December 5.

Three teams have already qualified for the knockout stages from Group B, C, and D, respectively. Group A's winners' match has been delayed due to the Vivo Keyd controversy.

Liquid, Gambit, and Fnatic have qualified to the knockouts in Valorant Champions 2021

Fnatic was the first team to become one of the qualifiers at the event. In Group D, Fnatic saw Cloud9 Blue in a stiff fight by winning 2-1. Their cheeky victory celebration after the win caught the eye of the community.

In their winners' match, they had a showing with Vision Strikers where the match went back and forth before Fnatic won Map 3 in a dominating 13-6 performance.

In Group C, Gambit Esports had tough competition in both of their matches. The Berlin Masters winner won 2-1 against both Secret and Vikings. Their confidence will be extremely buoyed by the comeback they pulled against Vikings in Map 3. They returned from 3-9 on Icebox to clinch their spot in the playoffs in what the casters called an 'obituary to rebirth.'

Team Liquid is the latest team to qualify for a spot in the knockouts from their match against Sentinels. In their first match in Group B, Team Liquid made short work of KRU Esports to advance to the winners' bracket. Against Sentinels, Liquid had a stiff fight as expected.

Map 1 went to overtime on Breeze, from which Liquid managed to come out on top. Sentinels were extremely dominant in Map 2, closing it out early on Bind with 13-2. But Liquid won Map 3 to become the third team to qualify.

Fans will be eagerly waiting for the matches to see who joins the already qualified teams over the next few days. There are a number of exciting teams left and they will be giving it their all to push through elimination to stake a place in the playoffs.

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