Valorant community speculates the next agent might be from the Philippines and map in Portugal

A new Valorant agent or map with interesting lores? (Image via Riot)
A new Valorant agent or map with interesting lores? (Image via Riot)

Valorant has grown by leaps and bounds within a year and a half of its release. Since June 2020, Riot Games' shooter has attracted a lot of new players for its unique playstyle. The developer's constant effort and countless new updates keep the game more exciting and entertaining.

With every new update, Riot changes the game to tweak the meta. In every episode, the developers have added a new agent and a new map. Players can expect the same in the upcoming episode.

With Chamber set to join the Valorant's agent list from patch 3.10, gamers might get a new map in the next act. The official's recent tweet saw the community start speculating on details of the upcoming map and agents.

Everything to know about the Valorant's upcoming map and agent

The FPS always brings in stuff full of hints for forthcoming updates. The developers recently posted some teaser videos and photos on Twitter. This led to the Valorant community speculating about the upcoming additions and updates.

Valorant fans saw the binary number '00110001 00110100 00101110' in a recent teaser released by the developers. It converts to these coordinates: 14.5995° N, 120.9842° E. According to the world map, it is situated in Taguig, Philippines. This led the community to assume that the origin of Valorant's next agent might be somewhere from the Philippines.

All the agents of Riot's shooter are based on some exciting stories and interesting lores. The agents have backstories and represent a particular culture of their individual regions.

Currently, the SEA region doesn't have any agents in Valorant's agent pool. If Riot introduces a new agent from the Philippines, this region will get a representative in the agent pool.

Meanwhile, many aspects point to "Earth-2 Lisbon". The community speculates that the upcoming map might be located somewhere in Portugal.

All the game maps are based on historic locations around the globe, like Ascent from Italy, Bind from Morocco, Haven from Bhutan, Split from Bhutan, and Icebox from Russia.

This time, multiple hints from Riot have been directed somewhere towards Portugal. The Valorant community is thus speculating that they might get a new map from somewhere in this country.

However, nothing has been confirmed by Riot about the upcoming agent or map.

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