Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market potentially teased the eighth map, expected to have an ocean theme

Valorant's eighth map is expected to have an underwater theme set in Portugal (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant's eighth map is expected to have an underwater theme set in Portugal (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market announcement has potentially teased that the next map has an ocean theme.

Riot Games have always hinted at their upcoming in-game content - agents or maps - through their Night Market. They had previously teased other maps similar to Breeze and Fracture before their release.

Soon after the developers disclosed it, the community started speculating about Valorant's next map. Many expect it to be set somewhere near the ocean, as the Night Market's announcement poster has the underwater texture of an ocean in the background.

Cross your fingers and mark your calendars–the Night Market’s coming back // 05.18.22

Fracture was the last map that was released in September 2021. Since then, no map has been brought into the game over the past eight months. Thus, the community is expecting a new map to soon get added to the game's map pool.

Valorant's next map is expected to set underwater, at Lisbon, Portugal

The developers have teased the eighth map several times through their cinematic videos, Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass, and more. They all hinted towards Lisbon, Portugal, which is set near the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Zakky from Valorant Hub also pointed out the same on Twitter.

Moreover, the 'Yellows on Rails' player card in Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass has also been teased in the upcoming underwater theme map, portraying Lisbon's Yellow Elétrico Tram running under the ocean, with the logo of Kingdom Corporation below it. The tram runs through an underwater tunnel in the player card.

The Elétrico tram is a form of public transport, often seen on the streets of Portugal. Many are also speculating that Valorant's eight maps belong to Omega Earth or Earth-2 in the mirrorverse, as the lore reveals. If this presumption comes out to be true, this would be the first map from the alternate universe that the players would get to experience, expanding the game's lore.

This is the battlepass 'teaser' card.Next patch we'll have a new map that's underwater? #VALORANT

Many players from the community are excited to receive an underwater map for the first time in the game if the speculations come out to be true. Nevertheless, nothing has been officially confirmed by the Riot Games developers yet, and these are merely speculations.

Until then, players can keep grinding the Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass and collecting rewards, until more information is revealed about the upcoming map.

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