Valorant Mobile officially announced for Android, release date yet to be cleared by developers

Valorant Mobile is coming soon (Image via SportsKeeda)
Valorant Mobile is coming soon (Image via SportsKeeda)

Riot Games finally announced that Valorant is coming to mobile devices very soon.

Riot's first tactical shooter game, Valorant, gained immense popularity within a year of its release. Today, Riot celebrates one year of Valorant's release.

Riot has announced plans for the future as part of first-year anniversary celebrations including the upcoming Valorant Mobile. A Riot spokesperson said:

'To see our growing player community recognize and appreciate what we’re trying to do with Valorant is beyond what we could’ve expected.'

Valorant is coming in Mobile

Mobile Gaming has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Games like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Free Fire etc. have gained popularity among gamers around the globe.

After seeing the growth of mobile gaming in the esports market, Riot now wants to enter the market as well. For this, they have chosen Valorant, and the game will be available in Mobile ports very soon.

As per the developers, Valorant currently averages 14 million monthly players. The game recently experienced its first international LAN event in Iceland, where all the top teams around the globe face each other. Anna Donlon, executive producer of the game said:

"One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community, and to prove to them that Valorant will always uphold the fundamentals of a truly worthwhile competitive tac-shooter."

However, it is not a surprise for players as earlier this year, Riot made a similar move with League of Legends by introducing Wild Rift. Since then, it has been rumored that Valorant Mobile might come very soon.

However, no official dates have been announced from the developers side but it has already increased the excitement among the fans.

Aside from that, Riot is coming up with some exciting rewards for the Valorant players in the game to celebrate its one year anniversary. The developers confirmed:

"Throughout the month of June, the Valorant community will receive commemorative digital swag, including a redeemable player card and a free event pass, to mark the occasion "

For sure, it is going to be a very exciting month for Valorant players & fans alike.

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