Valorant pros believe solo queueing in ranked with 5-stacks in patch 3.10 can affect competitive integrity

Riot Games will officially bring 5-stacks for all ranks in Valorant patch 3.10 (Image via Riot Games)
Riot Games will officially bring 5-stacks for all ranks in Valorant patch 3.10 (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang

Riot Games is bringing back 5-stacks to Valorant's competitive ranked game in the upcoming patch 3.10.

On the occasion of Episode 3 Act 3's release, the developers notified the community about bringing back 5-stacks to rank in a blog post. However, implementing a 5-stack queue will cost the players and force them to gain a lower-ranked rating in competitive matchmaking.

Noticed some confusion regarding the 5-stack Competitive changes previewed for Patch 3.10. 5-stacks are returning but with a list of additional changes meant to preserve both matchmaking and Leaderboard integrity. We’ll have the full details with Patch Notes 3.10.…

Valorant fans and players were eagerly waiting for 5-stacks for a long time, as playing with a group of well-coordinated friends holds an advantage. Yet, it can be difficult for users who solo or duo queue and get a 5-stack against them in ranked.

How will 5-stacks in Valorant affect the competitive integrity?

Valorant players eagerly waited for a 5-stack in Valorant competitive queues, and Riot was finally ready to bring it in patch 3.10. However, the developer has chosen lower-rank ratings for 5-stack players to deal with smurfs and boosted accounts. Moreover, 4-stack will not be allowed in ranked anymore.

In a recent blog post by Riot's Communications Associate, Jeff Landa, mentioned:

"Some new additions arrive in the Competitive experience to help you earn your best rank. Starting with patch 3.10, the 5-stack is back for anyone of any rank—with a tradeoff of earning slightly less Ranked Rating — while the 4-stack gets the boot in the Competitive queue."

Soon after, many Valorant players, including Sentinel's Hunter "Sick" Mims, shared their thoughts on bringing 5-stacks to the game and its effect on competitive integrity.

5 stacking absolutely ruins the ranked experience … unless you are in the 5 stack. Have always preferred solo/duo it’s definitely a more true test of skill over time. I think it requires you to be more flexible and work with others. 5 stacks are a nightmare to play against.

Many believe 5-stacks vs 5-stacks matches are fair, even though it will take a long queue time. Else, solo or duo queue gamers will have a higher chance of losing a game against 5-stacks.

Moreover, Sick pointed out how the real skill of players is tested when they solo queue in a competitive ranked game.

Guys I’m not trolling trust me I would know how OP this is. Back at the start of Valorant I was one of those people who would 5 stack. Sure you win almost every game but it’s not rewarding unless you are against another 5 queue.

Thus, a separate queue for just 5-stacks from different ranked rating leaderboards can solve the issue, as pointed out by the Valorant community and players. Else, 5-stacks will become entirely one-sided and benefit those who go for it.

@WedidOfficial can't wait to 5 stack and play 5 hopeless solo q players 😈😈😈😈😈😈

Anyhow, Riot will release further details about the 5-stacks with the release of patch 3.10 on November 16.

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