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Valorant’s best duelist on each map

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
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Modified 19 Dec 2020

Valorant’s duelist-Agents are equipped with abilities that allow them to seek engagements with enemies directly.

Each kit is created differently, so no duelist is the same. Because of the variety in abilities, one duelist may shine brighter than others in any particular situation. When analyzing the structure of Valorant’s maps, it begins to look like some maps were created for a specific Agent to shine.

Hence, those who love to play duelists must consider who will be the most effective on that map.

The best duelist on each Valorant map

#1 - Ascent: Jett

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Valorant’s Ascent is made up of tight alleys and also an open middle lane.

The team that dominates the middle of this map is often the winner of the match. Jett’s ability to move quickly, cut off an enemy’s sight and play off-angles make her the best duelist for Ascent.

With 3 Cloudbursts available, she can block vision from the enemy as her teammates progress through the middle of the map. Of course, Jett isn’t the premier smoker in Valorant, but she is the most effective in dealing with immediate threats.


Jett is also the premier operator in Valorant, which further adds to her case. Dry-peaking in the middle of this map can be extremely dangerous, but Jett can quickly relocate after an Operator shot. Her first blood potential and trade denial are unmatched on Haven.

Ascent is one of the most challenging Valorant maps to smoke off effectively, making Jett’s off-angles very effective. Her off-angles, combined with an Operator, are a powerful asset to her team.

She may be unable to flash, but Jett can still be a useful entry Agent with her Tailwind. She can get onto Ascent’s bombsites while avoiding a sentinel’s abilities. This map was made for Jett.

#2 - Bind: Phoenix

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

There is a portal on both sides of the map on Bind that can tan take a player closer to the opposite bombsite. Also, Bind is the only map that doesn’t have a middle lane to divide the sites.


Phoenix has all the tools to be a great duelist on Bind. A full kit consists of two flashes, a Molotov, and a wall.

Phoenix can quickly attack bombsites with his teammates before the rest of the enemies rotate. As he enters a site, he can use his Curveball to blind enemies and block off their sight with his Blaze wall. His Molotov can clear corners or stall pushes.

Phoenix is also great on Bind because of this ability to punish portal plays. Using a portal has a loud sound cue, so everyone in the game knows when the portal has been activated and when the doors open. With his kit, Phoenix can effectively blind or stall enemies from coming out of the portal.

On the other hand, Phoenix can use the portal to make bold plays himself. Flashing out of the portal can surprise enemies. Reyna is the only other duelist who can use flashes, but hers can be destroyed, while Phoenix’s cannot.

His ultimate ability, “Run it Back,” is very effective when using the portals on Bind. With an extra life, Phoenix can obtain information or force lots of enemy utility.

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Published 19 Dec 2020, 11:58 IST
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