Valorant's Vanguard cracks down on cheats; reportedly affects 4,500+ cheat users

Riot Games cracks down on cheat makers and malicious hacks for Valorant.
Riot Games cracks down on cheat makers and malicious hacks for Valorant.
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Valorant's Vanguard recently cracked down on cheat makers resulting in more than 4,500+ cheat users affected, according to reports.

The Reddit post by AntiCheatPD
The Reddit post by AntiCheatPD

According to a report posted by @AntiCheatPD on the r/Valorant subreddit, Vanguard struck down two major cheat providers. This further resulted in more than 4,500 cheat users losing access to their malicious applications.

To significantly amplify the situation, the AntiCheatPD further explained the financial implications. All 4,500+ users involved have lost between $90 to $600 each according to AntiCheatPD. The collective financial sum could end up over a million dollars.

However, this entire operation was made possible thanks to fantastic work by the Vanguard team. After a short break during the shift in years, Valorant's Vanguard team has returned with a successful crackdown on two major cheat operations.


Here's everything to know about Riot Games' battle against cheaters in Valorant.

Riot Games' battle against cheats in Valorant

This new report on Reddit from the AntiCheatPD suggests that the developers have taken a stern approach towards Valorant cheat makers on all levels. This report comes on the heels of the report by Polygon on Riot Games and Bungie teaming up to sue cheat makers for Valorant and Destiny 2.

The AntiCheatPD also infiltrated certain discord servers where these cheats were being circulated. Valorant players who had subscribed to said cheats were seen accusing the entire operation as a scam.

This happened after the cheat makers shut down their operation and kicked players out of the Telegram groups. Screenshots of the discord conversations saved by the AntiCheatPD can be found here.

On top of this report by the AntiCheatPD, Riot Games and Bungie filed a complaint in the Central District of California Court against Cameron Santos of GatorCheats. The complaint accuses Santos and Gatorcheats of circulating "a portfolio of malicious cheats and hacks."

With Riot Games engaging in a legal battle against cheats and cheat makers in Valorant, the community is expected to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Multiple cheats and malicious hacks had surfaced during this period while the Vanguard team was on a break. However, with the team returning to action, hacks and cheaters are in for a hard time on Valorant.

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