Valorant: Team Velocity emerge champions at the Aorus South Asia Cup

Image Credits: Velocity Gaming
Image Credits: Velocity Gaming

Team Velocity came out as the grand champions of the Aorus South Asia Valorant Cup, which started all the way in July with the finals being held yesterday.

The squad, led by Tejas ‘Rite2Ace’ Sawant, consisted of some of the biggest names in Indian eSports like ‘Antidote’, ‘Amaterasu’, Vibhor’, and ‘Excali’. Team Velocity had a hard-fought win in the Aorus South Asia Valorant Cup finals against God Squad.

About the Aorus South Asia Valorant Cup

Image Credits: Auros South Asia

GIGABYTE Aorus had teamed up with NVIDIA to host their first South Asia Valorant Cup in July. The tournament featured an entire month of action-packed games from teams across India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

With a $3,000 prize pool, the competition offered significant rewards to the participants and promised a level of competition which kept the fans entertained with each game played.

"We are excited to partner with NVIDIA on the AORUS South Asia Cup, AORUS as a brand for gamers always aim at providing the best gaming experience to the gamers. AORUS South Asia Cup is a good opportunity to team up gamers across countries, and share passionate moments," said Kate Hung, South Asia Marketing Manager of GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

The tournament format

The qualifiers of the Aorus South Asia Valorant Cup kicked off on the 13th of July 2020, and the top two teams from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were picked as the qualifying teams for the round-robin group match.

Moreover, the tournament organizers had also invited streamers and social media influencers to form a squad of their own, and they were allowed to go head to head with the qualifying teams of each region before the finals.

About Team Velocity’s Valorant roster

Team Velocity had recently acquired Team Vertigo's Valorant roster, who were also the winners of The Esports Club’s AMD Valorant Cup, which was held in the first week of July.

Led by the former Indian CS: GO superstar Tejas ‘Rite2Ace’ Sawant, Team Vertigo had mopped the floor with the competition to take home the prize pool.

However, the Aorus South Asia Valorant Cup finals were not as easy as Team Velocity would have liked them to be, and though they had a 2-0 victory on Ascent and Split, both the matches were hard-fought.

The finals were held between the two Indian teams of Team Velocity and God Squad, the latter being led by Kappa, who along with Team V3nom, were the winners of the NODWIN Gaming Invitational that took place earlier this month.

Image Credits: Team Velocity
Image Credits: Team Velocity

God Squad gave Team Velocity a run for their money on Ascent, making it quite an even affair till the later stages of the match. However, Split would have been a very close competition as well, before Sabyasachi 'antidoteman' Bose popped off on his Jett.

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