Valorant Vitality European Open: Schedule, teams and prize pool

Valorant's Vitality European Open (Image Courtesy:
Valorant's Vitality European Open (Image Courtesy:

Valorant’s Ignition Series is well on its way and Team Vitality is set to host the next online tournament, which is sure to give the game’s esports scene a hefty boost.

The Valorant Vitality European Open will feature a prize pool of around $16,851.75 (€15,000), which is quite a significant amount.

Considering the fact that Valorant’s competitive scene is yet to properly take off, small tournaments with significant prize pools will certainly help the scene to grow considerably.

Vitality co-founder Neo said:

“Ever since VALORANT was revealed, it was very obvious that it was going to shake up the competitive ecosystem. At Team Vitality we are really excited to host the Vitality European Open and provide a stage for the emergence of some top-class talent."

Small tournaments like the Vitality European Open will form the groundwork for the future of the Valorant competitive scene. So, be sure to catch the teams who will be battling it out in the tournament from the 10th of July.

Valorant Vitality European Open Format

1. Group Stages:

  • There will be two groups consisting of four teams each.
  • Group-stage matches will be held out in the best-of-one format.

2. Playoffs:

  • The top two teams from each group will play in a double-elimination bracket.
  • All matches, except the grand finals, will be in a best-of-3 format.
  • The grand finals will be in a best-of-5 format.

All the participating teams and their roster

Image Courtesy: TheSpike.GG

1. Apexis

  • Maxic
  • Flash
  • bacyx

2. Bonk

  • bonkar
  • Yacine
  • sayf
  • melonhead
  • ziz

3. breadHUNTERS

  • m1tez
  • Toronto
  • AsLanM4shadoW
  • aimDLL
  • qRaxs


  • Meddo
  • Zyppan
  • Leodeddz
  • ShadoW
  • Coach: eMIL, d00Mbr0s

5. G2 Esports

  • mixwell
  • paTiTek
  • pyth
  • ardiis
  • davidp

6. need more DM

  • Tigene
  • FoDa
  • bzt
  • crazyd33R
  • Barcode

7. PartyParrots

  • ANGE1
  • Shao
  • Art1st
  • dinkzj
  • 7ssk7

8. Prodigy

  • HyP
  • rhyme
  • luckeRRR
  • pAura
  • Turko

Schedule and where to watch

The Vitality European Open will start on the 10th of July and the grand finals will take place on the 12th of July.

However, the timings of the matches are yet to be confirmed. You will be able to catch the games on Vitality’s Twitch channel and Riot Games' other official channels.

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