Valorant: What can we expect from Episode 1 Act 2?

Image credits: Riot Games
Image credits: Riot Games

Riot Games will be handling the progress of Valorant very differently than what they have done with League of Legends.

Instead of using seasons, Valorant will be progressing in terms of Episodes and Acts. And as Act 1 is about to end in a few weeks' time, many players and fans have been wondering what Act 2 will be bringing along once it’s finally out.

But before we start making any assumptions, let’s take a look at when Act 2 is going to be released.

So when is Act 2 coming out?


The video above which came out on the 10th of June shows that Act 2 will be released on the 4th of August and will supposedly end on the 13th of October. Act 1 will be coming to an end on the 2nd of August according to the Valorant devs, which is two days prior to the release of Act 2.

What can we expect from Act 2 in Valorant?

In one of Valorant’s latest tweets, the game’s executive producer Anna Donlon talked about the future and what was in store for the game.

She mentioned that the year will be divided into six Acts, with one Act coming every two months. It will bring with it a new Agent, a new Skin bundle, and possibly a new weapon.

So there will be six Agents every year and we can only assume that the Acts bring with them some exclusive tier skins and not the lower-end ones.

1. New Agent

According to some recent data mining, it would seem that Killjoy might just be the 12th Agent in the game.

He will probably be able to use turrets as his abilities, like the gadgets that Cypher uses at the moment. However, they might come with some fair amount of damage and crowd control effects.

2. Newer Weapons

Even though Riot had previously said that they were open to the idea of introducing new weapons in the game, they are yet to confirm any weapons for Act 2. But fans might be in for a surprise.

3. Battle Pass Cost

Every Act will bring some new premium content in the form of the battle pass. The Battle Pass for Act 2 will cost around 1,000 Valorant Points and bring with it new unlockable rewards.

4. A new Game Mode and Map.

A new Game Mode and a Map might just be on the cards for Act 2. However, a new Map sounds less probable than a new Game Mode and Valorant might just get a Deathmatch or a free-for-all mode next month.

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