Weapon price drops might be on the way in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, as revealed by data miner

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With Valorant’s Episode 3 Act 1 right around the corner, Riot Games will be looking to introduce a bucket load of changes to keep the shooter fresh.

Not only will players be getting a new skin line in the Origin collection, but it looks like the weapons will also have an in-game price drop.

Popular data miner Valorant Leaks (Rumble Mike) recently revealed some interesting information about what fans can expect from the upcoming patch, which is set to go live tomorrow.

According to Mike, there will be price drops for a lot of guns in the shop. He suggested the following credit rate:

  • Frenzy : 500 >>> 450
  • Stinger : 1100 >>> 950
  • Bucky: 900 >>> 850
  • Judge: 1600 >>> 1850
  • Bulldog: 2100 >>> 2050
  • Guardian: 2400 >>> 2250
  • Marshall: 1100 >>> 950
  • Operator: 5000 >>> 4700
  • Ares: 1600 >>> 1550

Valorant’s Operator to get cheaper in Episode 3 Act 1

Along with the Origin skin line, Valorant’s upcoming patch, which is said to be bringing the new Episode and Act, might make many changes to the gun meta as it stands today.

One of the key things that stands out about the upcoming possible changes is the Operator and Frenzy price drop.

Frenzy and the Operator meta have been some of the most oppressive in Valorant’s competitive circuit, and it was impossible to make proactive plays around them

The basic map design and lack of utility have made the Jett-Op duo one of the hardest to counter in the game. Similarly, the Frenzy’s low movement recoil allowed players to tap into its “run and gun” mechanic and clutch out buy rounds and pistol rounds rather easily.

Hence, Riot nerfed both of these guns in subsequent patches, lowering their impact as much as possible.

It’s still uncertain how the changes will affect the meta if it hits the live server and if the Frenzy and Operator will become oppressive again.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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