What is Focus mode in Valorant console?

What is Focus mode in Valorant console?
Valorant Focus mode for consoles (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games is officially bringing its FPS title Valorant to consoles. PS5 and Xbox devices will be able to run the game soon as the limited beta drops. However, bringing it to controllers and joysticks was a major challenge for the team. Since shooting becomes drastically different from PC to consoles, the developers had to come up with a new Focus mode in Valorant console.

The Focus mode in Valorant console version works alongside the aim assist in Valorant to help improve shooting and bring it on par with PC users. Here's more about it.

Focus mode in Valorant console: What is it?


The Focus mode in Valorant console Essentially works very similar to hip fire. It aids players in aiming faster and having more stability while doing so.

Since gripping a mouse and moving it to aim is significantly easier, the developers decided that those using a controller would be at a disadvantage playing with a system that doesn't help aim as smoothly.

This is why, players can enter the Focus mode in Valorant console version by using the Left Trigger. The button has to be pushed right before an engagement. Once done, they will be able to aim smoother, faster, and see more stability in order to get impressive headshots. This function also ensures that players on consoles have a similar shooting experience as PC players.

On top of the mode, PS5 and Xbox players will also have the usual aim assist found in many FPS shooters. Both these features combined will help new and veteran players to explore the game on consoles the same way the can do it on PC.

Arnar Gylfason, Production Director, said that the new Focus mode in Valorant console is perhaps his favorite feature involved in the release. In his own words, here's how the mode will help players aim better:

"Focus is a new shooting mode that behaves essentially like Hip-Fire, but with reduced sensitivity. This way, players can use Hip-Fire whenever they need speed in moving their camera/aim (peeking corners, dodging utility), but utilize focus mode whenever they need precision (getting those cool headshots)."

Valorant will be available for console players later this month. As mentioned before, the game will first be launched as a limited beta version for PS5 and Xbox. To be able to play this version, players must register for the limited beta.

Once that much is done, the registered players will gain access to the first ever version of the game on consoles. It will be rolled out on June 14, 2024, across consoles.

Cross-play is not allowed between PC devices and consoles, but cross-progression will be available so everyone can have the same in-game experience.

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