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Which Sentinel should you choose on each Valorant Map?

The three Sentinel Agents in Valorant are Cypher, Killjoy and Sage (Image via Riot Games)
The three Sentinel Agents in Valorant are Cypher, Killjoy and Sage (Image via Riot Games)
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Modified 08 Jan 2021, 07:09 IST

Every Valorant team needs an Agent that can hold down a bombsite. 

Sentinels in Valorant are Agents that thrive on defense, often slowing down site executions or obtaining information. They are also great at watching their team’s flank on offense.

The three Sentinel Agents in Valorant are Cypher, Killjoy and Sage. Each of these Agents is more than viable. However, on certain Valorant maps, one Sentinel may reign supreme over the other two.

At the Agent selection screen, it’s important to take the map into consideration before locking in the team’s Sentinel.

Best Sentinel on each Valorant Map

#1 Ascent - Cypher

Cypher in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Cypher in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Cypher’s kit on Ascent perfectly accommodates him, considering the characteristics of the map.

With a teammate watching Mid, Cypher can effectively lock down the A or B bombsite alone. Teams will either have to use utility to deal with Cypher’s traps or they will have to shoot them. Either way, Cypher will know exactly where his opponents are hiding. 


Ascent also features many areas that can be easily wall banged. If Cypher tags his enemies with his Spy Cam or if they run into his Tripwires, he and his team can begin shooting through the wall. As long as Cypher switches the location of his traps every now and then, he will remain unpredictable and hard to deal with.

Unlike Killjoy and her Turrett, Cypher doesn’t have to be close to his Trapwire for it to work. He can place his traps pre-round in a spot where he isn’t playing. He can easily fool enemies by placing his traps in various places.

Cypher is unrivaled in obtaining information. Because of the penetrable walls and his unpredictable nature, he is the go-to Sentinel for Ascent.

#2 Bind - Sage

Sage in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Sage in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Sage’s Barrier Orb, or her wall, has received a multitude of buffs and nerfs in Valorant’s lifespan. Regardless of the changes, her wall is still extremely useful, especially on Bind.


Unlike every other map in Valorant, Bind doesn’t feature a middle lane. However, what separates Bind from the other maps is the portals. Sage, unlike anyone else, is able to effectively block off the portal with her Barrier Orb.

Because of Bind’s portals, many players choose to jump into a portal in the last second to plant the bomb on the attack side. If Sage is the one planting, she can use her Barrier or Slow Orb to stall any immediate rotations. Additionally, Sage can stop a team from planting last second by using her Barrier or Slow Orb. 

In some cases, the use of a portal by either team may give Sage the opening to resurrect one of her teammates. 

Despite all the changes Sage has seen, her viability on Bind still very much exists.

#3 Haven - Cypher 

Cypher reigns as the supreme Sentinel on Haven because the map features three bomb sites.

While Killjoy's case for best solo site-holder can be compelling, it’s indisputable that she must be with certain proximity for her Turrett to work. Cypher, on the other hand, can obtain information with his Spy Cam or his Trapwire without being close.

Since there are three bomb sites, it’s important to have someone able to hold down a site alone. Cypher can do so, but he can also rotate to another site if his team believes enemies are pushing their site. When attackers choose to rotate, Cypher can still obtain information across the map.

Cypher is also great at lurking. He can effectively watch his team’s flank with a Trapwire or Spy Cam, while stealthily sneaking around.

#4 Icebox - Killjoy

Killjoy in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Killjoy in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Icebox is the newest addition to Valorant’s map pool, so there have already been tons of changes. As of right now though, Killjoy seems to be a great Agent pick for the map.

With so many off-angles, Killjoy’s Turrett can rack up some damage before it’s finally destroyed. Pairing an alarm bot with her Turrett can be deadly to enemies.

Killjoy can even play alongside her Turrett, forcing opponents to deal with two threats simultaneously. 

Killjoy can effectively watch her teammates flank on Icebox as long as she’s near her Turrett. She can clear out corners with her utility, which no other Sentinel can do.

Killjoy is unmatched in flushing out enemies compared to her Sentinel counterparts.

#5 Split - Killjoy

Killjoy’s kit on Split is great at stalling pushes and dealing damage. 

With two Swarm Grenades and her Turrett, Killjoy can obtain information and deal damage, without being directly on site. She can stall while staying alive for the site retake with her team.

When Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, is available, she can initiate the ultimate site retake. If she places her Lockdown in a good spot, she can force enemies off-site or corner them.

While Sage and Cypher both have good ultimates, Killjoy’s ultimate on Split is much more impactful. 

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Published 08 Jan 2021, 07:09 IST
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