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Who is Sabine in Valorant?

Who might Sabine be in Valorant? (Image from Riot Games)
Who might Sabine be in Valorant? (Image from Riot Games)
Modified 29 Mar 2021

In Valorant, the name Sabine pops up in conversations between agents from time to time. Since there’s no agent explicitly named Sabine in Valorant, there have been many conjectures in the community about who this name specifically refers to.

Last year, many in the community put forth the assumption that Sabine is Reyna’s alias. On the flip side, many claimed it to be Viper. There has even been an opinion that Sabine is a new agent.

Finally, among all these views, the community seems to now have settled this debate with almost unanimous concurrence. Based on a plethora of evidence, the verdict is that Sabine is none other than Viper.

Valorant’s Viper is Sabine: Pieces of evidence

The most prominent piece of evidence pops up when there are two Vipers in opposing teams. She eagerly addresses her opposing self as Sabine. At the start of a game, Viper says:

“Sabine, Sabine. What have you been working on over there? I’m curious, but you don’t need to be alive for me to find out.”

Also, when another Viper is on the opposing team, she says exactly three seconds after using the toxic screen wall:

“I’m coming for you, Sabine!”

Just to reiterate, these two voice lines are only heard when there’s Viper in both teams.

Among other agents, Omen also addresses Viper as Sabine. This line is heard when Viper is among his allies, as Omen says:

“Don’t die here, Sabine. I need your secrets.”

Also, data mining of this voice line of Omen revealed that it is referred to as “Play_VO_Omen_MatchStartAlly_Viper_0” in the game code. This ideally should cement the theory that Sabine is none other than Viper.

Another agent in Valorant, Sage, also has a voice line that refers to Viper as “Delilah.” Since then, many in the Valorant community have speculated that Sabine’s full name is Delilah Sabine, or Dr. Sabine, for short.

Overall, Viper’s personality, as far as it has been revealed in-game, can be summed up as mysterious. Not much about her is out in the open.

Until Riot Games expands on more background lore of the agents, the curiosity of Valorant lore nerds has to be sated with this limited information.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 17:25 IST
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