With League of Legends Arcane on the way this fall, can fans expect a Valorant animated series next?

Can a Valorant animated series be expected following League of Legends Arcane? (Image via Riot)
Can a Valorant animated series be expected following League of Legends Arcane? (Image via Riot)

Valorant might be a multiplayer shooter game when the gameplay is concerned, but what makes the game even more valuable to the fans is the rich lore it provides.

Valorant was released in the midst of a global pandemic, but that did not stop the game from reaching the glory it has now. In June 2020, the CSGO look alike was released to the public, however, the game certainly is different because of the agents it provides.

Over the course of one year, Valorant has released multiple agents with every episode and acts in-game. With the recent Episode 3 Act 1 update, a new agent got added named KAY/O. These characters are not just playable, every single one of the agents in Valorant has their own unique lore.

Future for Valorant’s storytelling

Riot Games has a unique way of storytelling when it comes to Valorant. To reveal bits and pieces about Valorant’s lore, Riot Games releases cinematics on YouTube to show off the lore.

When Valorant initially came out, a short cinematic trailer was released titled “Duelists” featuring Phoenix and Jett. However, one year after Valorant's release, “Duality” cinematic short premiered as the official lore.

Recently on VALORANT Vietnam’s YouTube channel, creative director of Valorant, David Nottingham shared a few words on the game's lore. In the video, David talks about how they plan on releasing Valorant’s lore at the moment and what the creative team has “in-store” for the fans.

Riot Games’ other famous title, League of Legends, on their 10th anniversary unveiled a Netflix series named “Arcane." The series will feature in-game characters like Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn and Warwick. So, fans of this franchise are very much excited about Arcane’s first season.

With Riot Games’ very first move towards releasing an animated series inspired by game lore. Valorant fans have the same expectations about their favorite game franchise.

The creative director has made it clear that they are planning on revealing their lore with every game episode. So, having a Valorant animated series is still a distant dream, but Valorant might do it someday.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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