A Tribute to Santino 'Cobra' Marella

From having a goofy haircut to speaking in a funny accent, Santino Marella has been one of the funniest men to step into the WWE in recent times! A comic genius, one of the tropes he uses is linguistic destruction of the names of his fellow WWE superstars for e.g. John Chena and Drew Macintosh. Forget Punk and Jericho! Santino is the best in the world at what he does (the thing he does being comedy). He is a former two time intercontinental champion and also a former tag team champion. With the surprise win at the Smack down battle royal his past week; he looks to move up the ranks to where he actually belongs.


Here are some of the best moments of Santino Marella inside the ring –



- Here’s Santino trying to impress Acorn (Akon) by stringing together some rhymes. He invariably takes a dig at William Regal! – “You’re not even in a restaurant, but you got served!”



- Trying to get Freddie Prinze Jr. to cast the Italian Stallion in one of his movies. He wants to be an “evil fishermanz!”Watch out for the rom-com impersonation!



- Impersonating Batista! Santino impersonates Batista backstage with his girlfriend Beth Phoenix looking on. “Look at me! I’m Baptista and I shoot lazerz from my armz!”



- Tea party with Shaymoose (Sheamus)!Santino and Kozlov try to blend in with the culture of England with a sophisticated tea party and gentlemen suits. Welcome to tea time with Santino – special guest Sheamus!



- I would like to end this tribute with a video containing the best moments of the master of the cobra – Santino Marella!

Edited by Staff Editor