Asian Games 2018: Women's Wrestling: Vinesh strikes Gold, Kakran takes Bronze, Sakshi returns empty-handed

Wrestling - Commonwealth Games Day 10
Vinesh Phogat (IND) won the Gold in 50 kg Women's freestyle

Wrestling at the 2018 Asian Games will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center Assembly Hall, Jakarta, Indonesia from 19 to 22 August 2018.

The most successful team at the Games was China.

Top nations in Women's Freestyle

China took the top spot with 2 Golds and 1 Silver.

The People's Republic of Korea came second with 2 Golds and 2 Bronze.

Mongolia was third with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.

India finishes fourth with 1 Gold and 1 Bronze.

50 kg Women's freestyle:

Vinesh defeated her Chinese wrestler in a confident manner. She had a measured first period where she scored 2 points and then came back to score 6 more in the second period, which included a big takedown.

Pre-Quarters: Vinesh Phogat (8) (IND) defeated Sun Yanan (CHN) 3-1 (8-2).

Vinesh convincingly won against Kim with a 6-0 lead in the first period. In the second period, she produced a takedown and finished the match halfway in the second period by technical superiority.

Quarter-Finals: Vinesh Phogat (8) (IND) defeated Kim Hyung-Joo (18) (KOR) 4-0 (11-0).

Vinesh just demolished the Uzbek wrestler by technical superiority in just 75 mins.

Semi-Finals: Vinesh Phogat (8) (IND) defeated Yakhshimuratova Dauletbike (UZB) 4-0 (10-0).

Vinesh got the moment she waited for so long as she pocketed the Gold against her Japanese rival. Vinesh jumped to a 4-0 lead at the end of the first period and then matched the Japanese in the second quarter, which was tied 2-2.

Finals: Vinesh Phogat (8) (IND) defeated Irie Yuki (11) (JPN) 3-1 (6-2).

Important Bouts: Yakhshimuratova Dauletbike (UZB) defeats Narangerel Erdenesukhiin (6) (MON) 5-0 (4-7).

Standings: Gold - Vinesh Phogat (IND), Silver - Irie Yuki (JPN), Bronze - Kim Son-Hyang (PRK) and Kim Hyung-Joo (KOR).

53 kg Women's freestyle:

Pinki had a tough draw as she had to meet the top seed and favorite Sumiya from Mongolia. Pinki was completely outclassed as the Mongolian, got a 5-0 lead in the first period and took 90 secs in the second to assert a victory by technical superiority.

Pre-Quarters: Pinki (IND) lost to Sumiya Erdenechimegiin (4) (MON) 0-4 (0-10).

Important Bouts: The best match of the tournament was between Sumiya Erdenechimeg (4) (MON) and Zhuldyz Eshimova (16) (KAZ) in the Semis. Kazakh won the first period 8-3 and the Mongolian came back strongly in the second period 8-4 but the Kazakh prevailed to cause the upset.

Sumiya Erdenechimegiin (4) (MON) lost to Zhuldyz Eshimova (16) (KAZ) 1-3 (11-12).

Wrestling Asian Championship 2016
Yong Mi Pak (PRK) wins Gold in 53 kg Women's freestyle

Standings: Gold - Yong Mi Pak (PRK), Silver - Zhuldyz Eshimova (KAZ), Bronze - Okuno Haruna (JPN) and Sumiya Erdenechimeg (MON).

57 kg Women's freestyle:

Pooja dominated the Thai wrestler and finished the bout in 64 secs with a takedown to win by technical superiority.

Pre-Quarters: Pooja Dhanda (IND) defeats Sookdongyor Orasa (THA) 4-0 (10-0).

Pooja showed her class and dominated the proceedings in the first period, taking a 4-0 lead and came back, even more, stronger in the second to score 8 points and win the bout by virtue of technical superiority.

Quarter-Finals: Pooja Dhanda (IND) defeats Esenbaeva Nabira (KAZ) 4-1 (12-1).

Pooja put up a good fight in the first period and lost two points. In the second period, she lost her defense and the opponent quickly took the initiative and scored 8 more points to win by technical superiority.

Semi-Finals: Pooja Dhanda (IND) lost to Jong Myung Suk (PRK) 0-4 (0-10).

Pooja tried her best and wrested the first period 1-0 in her favor, but could not get through the tight defense of Katsuki in the second period and Katsuki worked well to garner points and eventually, Pooja had to bow out of contention for a Bronze.

Bronze Medal Bout: Pooja Dhanda (IND) lost to Sakagami Katsuki (JPN) 1-3 (1-6).

Important Bouts: Xingru Pei (3) (CHN) lost to Jong Myung Suk (PRK) 1-3 (4-5).

Jong Myung Suk (PRK)
Jong Myung Suk (PRK) wins Gold in 57 kg Women's freestyle

Standings: Gold - Jong Myung Suk (PRK), Silver - Xingru Pei (CHN), Bronze - Battsetseg Altantsetseg (MON) and Sakagami Katsuki (JPN).

62 kg Women's freestyle:

Sakshi took under two minutes to dispose of the Thai wrestler by technical superiority.

Pre-Quarters: Sakshi Malik (IND) defeats Srisombat Salinee (THA) 4-0 (10-0).

Sakshi asserted her supremacy over the Kazakh wrestler by taking her down and racing to a 7-0 lead at halftime. On return, she scored three more points in 35 secs to win by technical superiority.

Quarter-Finals: Sakshi Malik (IND) defeats Ayaulym Kassymova (KAZ) 4-0 (10-0).

Both wrestlers were equally strong and technically superior and the Kyrgyz youngster took a 6-4 advantage in the first and ensured she was on par with her compatriot and had a 3-3 score in the second period to finish on the victorious side.

Semi-Finals: Sakshi Malik (IND) lost to Tynybekova Aisuluu (KGZ) 1-3 (7-9).

Sakshi was completely outclassed by an attacking North Korean wrestler in the first period by technical superiority.

Bronze Medal Bout: Sakshi Malik (IND) lost to Rim Jong Sim (PRK) 1-4 (2-12).

Wrestling - Olympics: Day 12
Orkhon Purevdorjiin (MON) won the Gold in 62 kg Women's freestyle

Standings: Gold - Orkhon Purevdorjiin (MON), Silver - Tynybekova Aisuluu (KGZ), Bronze - Kawai Risako (JPN) and Rim Jong Sim (PRK).

68 kg Women's freestyle:

Divya Kakran faced a huge challenge against the Mongolian who is ranked Third in the World. Divya was completely outclassed 9-1 in the second period and lost by technical superiority.

Quarter-Finals: Divya Kakran (IND) lost to Tumentsetseg Sharkhuugiin (3) (MON) 1-4 (1-11).

Divya did not let go of the golden opportunity and demolished the Taipei wrestler under 90 secs to claim the Bronze.

Bronze Medal Bout: Divya Kakran (IND) defeats Chen Wenling (TPE) 4-0 (10-0).

Important Bouts: Feng Zhou (8) (CHN) defeats Tumentsetseg Sharkhuugiin (3) (MON) 3-1 (4-1).

Feng Zhou (8) (CHN) defeats Meerim Zhumanazarova (5) (KGZ) 5-0 (9-2).

Asian Games - Day 3
Feng Zhou (CHN) wins Gold in 68 kg Women's freestyle

Standings: Gold - Feng Zhou (CHN), Silver - Tumentsetseg Sharkhuugin (MON), Bronze - Divya Kakran (IND) and Meerim Zhumanazarova (KGZ).

76 kg Women's freestyle:

Kiran was up against the Kyrgyz wrestler who is ranked 19th in the World. She was unable to garner any points in the first period and lost it 0-3 and in the second period she tried to make amends but could not penetrate Aiperi's defense and lost in the end.

Quarter-Finals: Kiran (IND) lost to Aiperi Medet Kyzy (19) (KGZ) 1-3 (2-4).

Important Bouts: Qian Zhou (7) (CHN) defeats Elmira Syzdykova (4) (KAZ) 5-0 (10-0).

Qian Zhou (7) (CHN) defeats Eun-Ju Hwang (5) (KOR) 4-0 (10-0).

Asian Games - Day 3
Qian Zhou (CHN) wins Gold in 76 kg Women's freestyle

Standings: Gold - Qian Zhou (CHN), Silver - Hiroe Minagawa (JPN), Bronze - Elmira Syzdykova (KAZ) and Aiperi Medet Kyzy (KGZ).

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