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Asian Wrestling Championship 2020: Day 6 results roundup

The final day of action saw Men
The final day of action saw Men's Freestyle wrestling competition at the Asian Wrestling Championships
Abhishek Naik
Modified 23 Feb 2020

The wrestling action from the Asian Wrestling Championships came to an end today with the final bouts on the mat held at the KD Jadhav Hall in New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi Stadium. The sixth day of action saw the men's freestyle wrestling competitions take place across a set of different weight categories.

Indian wrestlers Rahul Aware (61 kg), Jitender (74 kg), Deepak Punia (86 kg), Sombir (92 kg) and Satender (125 kg) were in action through the day as they aimed to provide a boost to India's medal tally at the Asian Wrestling Championships.

Rahul Aware settles for a bronze medal after semifinal loss

India's Rahul Aware was the contender in the Men's 61 kg Freestyle wrestling competition and began on a strong note by defeating Pakistan's Muhammad Bilal with a 5 - 1 margin in the qualification round. He faced Jahongirmirza Turobov in the quarterfinal bout and prevailed with a close 11 - 9 win to march into the semifinals.

Aware was unfortunate to lose out against Ulukbek Zholdoshbekov from the Kyrgyz Republic in the semifinal with a 3 - 5 scoreline. In the bronze medal round, Aware clashed against Iran's Majid Almas Dastan and won 5 - 2 to clinch a podium spot. Zholdoshbekov won the gold medal with a win over Muhamad Ikromov with a 3 - 0 victory in the final bout.

Men's Freestyle Wrestling - 61 kg (Results)

Gold Medal Match

Ulukbek Zholdoshbekov (KGZ) df. Muhamad Ikromov (TJK) by VFA, 3 - 0

Bronze Medal Matches


Rahul Balasaheb Awar (IND) df. Majid Almas Dastan (IRI) by VPO1, 5 - 2

Ryuto Sakaki (JPN) df. Jihoon Yun (KOR) by VPO1, 4 - 2

Repechage Round

Majid Almas Dastan (IRI) df. Nurbolat Abdualiyev (KAZ) by VSU1, 12 - 2


Ulukbek Zholdoshbekov (KGZ) df. Rahul Balasaheb Aware (IND) by VPO1, 5 - 3

Muhamad Ikromov (TJK) df. Ryuto Sakaki (JPN) by VPO1, 4 - 4


Rahul Balasaheb Aware (IND) df. Jahongirmirza Turobov (UZB) by VPO1, 11 - 9

Ryuto Sakaki (JPN) df. Egor Dmitriev (PHI) by VSU, 10 - 0

Ulukbek Zholdoshbekov (KGZ) df. Majid Almas Dastan (IRI) by VPO1, 4 - 2

Muhamad Ikromov (TJK) df. Jihoon Yun (KOR) by VPO1, 3 - 3

Qualification round

Jahongirmirza Turobov (UZB) df. Rami Ismail M Alam (KSA) by VSU1, 12 - 2

Rahul Balasaheb Aware (IND) df. Muhammad Bilal (PAK) by VPO1, 5 - 1

Ulukbek Zholdoshbekov (KGZ) df. Nurbolat Abdualiyev (KAZ) by VPO1, 4 - 1

Majid Almas Dastan (IRI) df. Ganbayar Namsrai (MGL) by VSU1, 11 - 1

Jihoon Yun (KOR) df. Alibeg Alibegov (BRN) by VPO, 4 - 0

Jitender stumbles at the last hurdle and settles for silver

Men's Freestyle Wrestling - 74 kg (Results)

India's Jitender Kumar was the prime contender for the gold medal in Men's 74 kg event and started out on a positive note with a win over Parinya Chamnanjan in the Qualification Round by a dominant 10 - 0 scoreline. He got past Iran's Mostafa Mohabbali Hosseinkhani in the quarterfinal with a close win to enter the final four of the competition.


Kumar defeated Sumiyabazar Zandanbud from Mongolia in a 5 - 0 win in the semis to make it to the gold medal clash. However, he lost out against Kazakhstan's Daniyar Kaisanov in a close bout to settle for the silver medal.

Gold Medal match

Daniyar Kaisanov (KAZ) df. Jitender Kumar (IND) by VPO1, 3 - 1

Bronze Medal matches

Mostafa Mohabbali Hosseinkhani (IRI) df. Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (MGL) by VPO, 5 - 0

Daichi Takatani (JPN) df. Karam Shakir Mahmood (IRQ) by VSU1, 15 - 4

Repechage Round

Mostafa Mohabbali Hosseinkhani (IRI) df. Parinya Chamnanjan (THA) by VSU, 10 - 0


Daniyar Kaisanov (KAZ) df. Daichi Takatani (JPN) by VPO1, 9 - 4

Jitender Kumar (IND) df. Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (MGL) by VPO1, 2 - 1


Daniyar Kaisanov (KAZ) df. Karam Shakir Mahmood (IRQ) by VSU, 10 - 0

Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (MGL) df. Gulomdzhon Sharipov (TJK) by VPO1, 7 - 4

Daichi Takatani (JPN) df. Mohammed Abdulkareem (KUW) by VFA, 2 - 0

Jitender Kumar (IND) df. Mostafa Mohabbali Hosseinkhani (IRI) by VPO1, 2 - 2

Qualification round

Gulomdzhon Sharipov (TJK) df. Mirzo Khayitov ZB) by VPO1, 10 - 3

Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (MGL) df. Abdul Rehman (PAK) by VFO, 0 - 0

Jitender Kumar (IND) df. Parinya Chamnanjan (THA) by VSU, 10 - 0

Mostafa Mohabbali Hosseinkhani (IRI) df. Bekzhan Dzhambulov (KGZ) by VPO, 3 - 0

Deepak Punia wins the bronze medal in 86 kg freestyle event

Indian wrestler Deepak Punia started his campaign against Mongolia's Gankhuyag Ganbaatar in the quarterfinals and won 8 - 2 to make it to the semis. However, Punia was unfortunate to lose out against Japan's Shutaro Yamada in a 1 - 4 scoreline to miss out on the chance for a gold medal.


He faced Iraq's Issa Abdulsalam Abdulwahhab Al Obaidi in the bronze medal bout and won in a convincing 10 - 0 win to claim the bronze medal. Shutaro Yamada clinched the gold medal with a victory over Iran's Ahmad Yousef Bazrighaleh in a close final bout.

Men's Freestyle Wrestling - 86 kg (Results)

Gold Medal match

Shutaro Yamada (JPN) df. Ahmad Yousef Bazrighaleh (IRI) by VPO1, 10 - 10

Bronze Medal matches

Deepak Punia (IND) df. Issa Abdulsalam Abdulwahhab Al Obaidi (IRQ) by VSU, 10 - 0

Isa Shapiev (UZB) df. Azamat Dauletbekov (KAZ) by VPO1, 4 - 2

Repechage Round

Issa Abdulsalam Abdulwahhab Al Obaidi (IRQ) df. Aligadzhi Gamidgadzhiev (KGZ) by VIN, 0 - 0


Shutaro Yamada (JPN) df. Deepak Punia (IND) by VPO1, 4 - 1

Ahmad Yousef Bazrighaleh (IRI) df. Isa Shapiev (UZB) by VSU1, 16 - 5


Ahmad Yousef Bazrighaleh (IRI) df. Azamat Dauletbekov (KAZ) by VPO1, 5 - 4

Deepak Punia (IND) df. Gankhuyag Ganbaatar (MGL) by VPO1, 8 - 2

Shutaro Yamada (JPN) df. Aligadzhi Gamidgadzhiev (KGZ) by VIN, 0 - 0

Isa Shapiev (UZB) df. Bakhodur Kodirov (TJK) by VPO1, 7 - 4

Qualification round

Shutaro Yamada (JPN) df. Issa Abdulsalam Abdulwahhab Al Obaidi (IRQ) by VSU, 10 - 0

Somveer and Satender fail to win medals for India

India's Somveer competed in the 92 kg freestyle wrestling event and had a disappointing outing as he lost in the quarterfinal against Uzbekistan's Ajiniyaz Saparniyazov with a 0 - 10 score.

Mohammadjavad Mohammadebrahim Ebrahimizivlaei clinched the gold medal with a win over Japanese wrestler Takuma Otsu in a dominant 11 - 0 win.

Men's Freestyle Wrestling - 92 kg (Results)

Gold Medal Match

Mohammadjavad Mohammadebrahim Ebrahimizivlaei (IRI) df. Takuma Otsu (JPN) by VSU, 11 - 0

Bronze Medal matches

Iliskhan Chilayev (KAZ) df. Ajiniyaz Saparniyazov (UZB) by VPO1, 4 - 4

Tsogtgerel Munkhbaatar (MGL) df. Chyngyz Kerimkulov (KGZ) by VSU1, 11 - 1



Mohammadjavad Mohammadebrahim Ebrahimizivlaei (IRI) df. Ajiniyaz Saparniyazov (UZB) by VPO1, 10 - 2

Takuma Otsu (JPN) df. Tsogtgerel Munkhbaatar (MGL) by VSU1, 11 - 1


Mohammadjavad Mohammadebrahim Ebrahimizivlaei (IRI) df. Iliskhan Chilayev (KAZ) by VPO1, 6 - 2

Tsogtgerel Munkhbaatar (MGL) df. Seungdong Lee (KOR) by VSU, 11 - 0

Takuma Otsu (JPN) df. Chyngyz Kerimkulov (KGZ) by VPO1, 5 - 2

Ajiniyaz Saparniyazov (UZB) df. Somveer (IND) by VSU, 10 - 0

Satender, the 125 kg freestyle wrestler for India began his qualification round with a win over Uzbekistan's Sukhrobjon Mukaramov in a close 5 - 4 win. However, his momentum was derailed as he lost in the quarter final against Yusup Batirmurzaev from Kazakhstan but managed to get a lifeline going through the repechage route.

However, he failed to take his chance as he lost out against Farkhod Anakulov from Tajikistan in a lopsided 1 - 12 loss.

Kazakhstan's Yusup Batirmurzaev won the gold medal by defeating Khuderbulga Dorjkhand from Mongolia in a lopsided 10 - 0 victory.

Men's Freestyle Wrestling - 125 kg (Results)

Gold Medal match

Yusup Batirmurzaev (KAZ) df. Khuderbulga Dorjkhand (MGL) by VSU, 10 - 0

Bronze Medal matches

Parviz Khodavirdi Hadibasmanj (IRI) df. Farkhod Anakulov (TJK) by VSU, 10 - 0

Koungjin Nam (KOR) df. Zaman Anwar (PAK) by VSU, 10 - 0

Repechage Round

Farkhod Anakulov (TJK) df. Satender (IND) by VSU1, 12 - 1


Yusup Batirmurzaev (KAZ) df. Parviz Khodavirdi Hadibasmanj (IRI) by VFA, 4 - 0

Khuderbulga Dorjkhand (MGL) df. Koungjin Nam (KOR) by VPO, 8 - 0


Yusup Batirmurzaev (KAZ) df. Satender (IND) by VSU, 11 - 0

Khuderbulga Dorjkhand (MGL) df. Zaman Anwar (PAK) by VSU1, 12 - 1

Koungjin Nam (KOR) df. Tetsuya Tanaka (JPN) by VSU, 11 - 0


Parviz Khodavirdi Hadibasmanj (IRI) df. Aiaal Lazarev (KGZ) by VSU, 10 - 0

Qualification round

Aiaal Lazarev (KGZ) df. Tahar Lutfi Shihab Al Zubaidi (IRQ) by VSU, 10 - 0

Satender (IND) df. Sukhrobjon Mukaramov (UZB) by VPO1, 5 - 4

Parviz Khodavirdi Hadibasmanj (IRI) df. Omar Ihab Sarem (SYR) by VSU1, 14 - 4

Yusup Batirmurzaev (KAZ) df. Farkhod Anakulov (TJK) by VSU, 11 - 0

With the final day of action concluding at the Asian Wrestling Championships, India ended the competition with a record tally of 20 medals across all the events.

Published 23 Feb 2020, 21:22 IST
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