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Indy News: Ricochet's match with Ospreay gains more supporters

1.68K   //    01 Jun 2016, 19:18 IST

Controversial NJPW match gains more supporters

The wrestling community has been split into two when it comes to wrestling classic put on display by Ricochet and Ospreay. With fans split between supporting it and decrying it, the match is now one of the hot topics discussed among the wrestling fanatics. Though no one questioned the athletics that was put on display, Vader slammed the match calling it a memorized gymnastic routine. 

Vader’s remarks sparked a frenzy of debate with fans siding on either side of the argument. Recently, the match gained more supporters when William Regal, the General Manager of NXT, said that the match may not be for everyone. But if the match gets the desired results, then it is a win-win for everyone. As Regal effectively put, the match might not be for everyone, but it created frenzy and entertained the Japanese fans to such extent they started chanting “This is Awesome” is heavily accented English.

Jim Ross took to his blog to put down his thoughts on the match and he said that the match was a great exhibition of athleticism and the storytelling was unique. But Jim Ross also noted that the wrestlers could have taken some time to slow down the pace and sold some moves. He felt that it could have told the emotions of the story a little better. But he gave props to both wrestlers for putting up a MOTY worthy bout and wished them good health.  

Former WWE Superstar, Shelton Benjamin, The Gold Standard, had his own way of expressing his support to the match. It is no wonder that Shelton liked the match considering his athletic abilities. He tweeted the following on the subject.

Considering the match’s controversial nature, NJPW has released the full video of the match. You can watch it below.

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