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My 11 Favourite Professional Wrestlers

Tim Holt
Modified 27 Aug 2012, 19:20 IST
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I thought I’d write this as a bit of fun for professional wrestling through the ages has been so spectacular as well as being funny.

Here are my top 11 favourites:

Hulk Hogan

In the 80′s this guy was truly something else. He was like the ultimate good guy fighting against the Evil powers like he was a real life super hero. His theme song when he walked out ‘I am a real American’ had the crowd going completely nuts! Then when he ripped his shirt off to begin or when in a match he looked certain of defeat only to ‘Hulk up’ Where despite his opponent still hitting him he’d march around the ring shaking his head. Then eye ball his opponent and point at him-then you knew that Hogan would win! His interviews with ‘Mean Gene Okerlund’ were the stuff of legend.Where he’d go ‘Well you know mean Gene’ or ‘To all my Hulkamaniacs say your prayers take your vitamins….’Then when he defected to WCW in the 90′s he was key in that show becoming so popular when he was the ‘Evil’ character ‘Hollywood Hogan’.

The Iron Sheikh

This guy was hilarious in the 80′s at the height of the Cold War between the States and the old USSR and America’s troubles in the Middle East. It was true great theatre in his tag partnership with Nikolay Volkov. Before their matches, they had the USSR and Iranian flags in hand and sung the National Anthems of both countries to the American crowds who duly booed the stadiums down.

Razor Ramon

 This guy in the 90′s was truly a great character with his ‘Ma CheeseMo’ and swaggering to the ring and then walking in to it with him chewing on a toothpick and then flicking it in his opponents face. It was hilarious. Then when he defected to WCW with Kevin Nash and set up the NWO it was huge! His finishing move the ‘Razors Edge’ was truly memorable!


The Undertaker

This character is amazing from his days in the earlier parts of his career with ‘Paul Bearer’ when he had the crowd hanging off his every move. He is a huge man but was one of the first big men to show great action from the top rope, where his trademark was to walking on the ropes like a high wire act holding his opponent before he maimed him. In truth his charisma is amazing right from his entrance music, to his undress in the ring with his eyes rolling back in his head and his in ring action. His finisher is a classical move in the form of the ‘Tombstone Piledriver’. Taker is the undisputed king of WrestleMania with a 20-0 record at the grandest stage of wrestling.


In the WCW days this guys was in truth one of the biggest stars ever seen in the history of wrestling. The  memorable chants of Goldberg…. Goldberg… Goldberg was truly a highlight during that era. The Jacknife Powerbomb and the Spear were two incredible finishers that Goldberg used to destroy his opponent. It was truly incredible theatre!

Diamond Dallas Page

Again in the WCW days, this wrestler was a true icon with his incredible charisma. His finishing move was the ‘Diamond Cutter’ where he’d either signal to the crowd or just have the crowd on their feet in euphoria whenever he finished his opponent with the move.

George ‘The Animal’ Steele

‘The Animal’ was truly hilarious. He’d normally be in the ring eating the turn buckles or acting like a truth ‘Animal’ waving his arms around like a mad man. When he was managed by ‘Captain Lou Albana’ he was truly amazing as an entertainer.

The ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

In the late 80′s, this guy with his dare devil actions had the crowds packing out the stadiums. In those days they were  just basic moves from the top ropes and he would also go on the top rope and jump outside the ring onto the opponent. His feud with Hulk Hogan was truly memorable. Also, the fans loved his ‘partner’ Miss Elizabeth who was in a word ‘HOT’.

Mr Fuji

He was one of the true bad guys. His under handed antics were the stuff of legends. I loved him blowing green mist in opponents eyes. Also as a manager he was incredible especially when he was in charge of the Iron Sheikh and Nokolay Volkov.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

In his early career he wasn’t liked that much. Though when he developed this anti-hero character of the beer drinking, red neck, rattlesnake, Stone Cold 3.16, he was huge. His finishing move, the ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ was one of the best and most loved finishing moves ever!

Brock Lesnar

This guy was like Goldberg in the regard he was just pure power and animal instincts. He was truly incredible and fearsome at the same time. When he Suplexed the 500 pound ‘Big Show‘ off the top rope and the ring collapsed, in truth was there a bigger highlight in Wrestling than that?

Published 28 Nov 2010, 08:45 IST
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