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The Undertaker: Two Decades of Destruction

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The Undertaker

The Devil Himself

An eerie silence, followed by the death-knell of the demonic gong, and a flash of lightning. All these are signals of an impending doom, of something terrible which you just cannot avoid. All these are the signals of the arrival of wrestling’s most feared entity. For the fans, he is an enigma that evokes respect like none other. For his opponents, he is the Devil incarnate. For others, he is The Undertaker.

For almost two decades, this 6 feet-10 inches tall hunter of souls has been destroying people inside the squared circle. Perhaps the best pure striker in WWE history, his patented soup-bone punches have shattered ribs countless times, and they continue to do so even after being for more than 19 long years in the business. His finishing manoeuvre, the Tombstone Piledriver, has made giants bite dust within a matter of seconds.

Throughout his career, the Demon of Death Valley has brought new levels of carnage in the WWE. A number of matches have been made keeping him in mind. From the diabolical Inferno and casket matches, to the devastating Last Ride match, to the Buried Alive match which makes sure that atleast one career is ended, The Undertaker has mastered them all. And last but not the least,   The Phenom’s favourite hunting grounds will always be inside Satan’s Structure itself, which lesser mortals know as Hell In A Cell.

And The Phenom’s deadly grasp extends well beyond the squared circle. The man is the master of mind games. Right from his days as Overlord of the dreaded Ministry of Darkness, an ensemble of the most sadistic men to step inside a WWE Arena, The Undertaker always wins half the battle even before the bell rings. Living up to his reputation as The Devil himself, The Undertaker can make you believe he is really going to do what e threatens to, and that is rip your soul off your body.

There are countless achievements under his belt, including multiple WWE Championship reigns, as well as multiple Tag Team title runs, with the most famous one being with his half-brother Kane. The Brothers of Destruction, as they were known, unified the WWE and WCW Tag championships, and were perhaps the most feared duo in wrestling history. But all these feats pale in comparison to the Undertaker’s undefeated 18-0 streak at WrestleMania, during which he has demolished every big name in the industry, including Triple H, Edge and Shawn Michaels (twice).

In a way, The Sentinel of Darkness, as some people fondly call him, has defined the profession of wrestling for the non-followers for the sport. He seems to be reaching the end of his illustrious career, but even now, the fans are sure to see some serious hell being raised whenever they see him in the ring.

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