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Wrestling Federation of India makes Aadhar mandatory for all national and state tournaments

Sohinee Basu
235   //    11 Mar 2018, 20:34 IST

The Indo-Pak Kushti Wrestling Championship
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The Wrestling Federation Of India (WFI) has decided to take a massive step to put a stop to the increasing number of age frauds that are being committed and the use of illegal domicile certificates that are being employed to get entry into coveted teams which are not the home state teams of the players.

The WFI decided to take this tough call and remedied a solution to this by making the registration process validated by an Aadhar Card of the player. This step will ensure that a player, going by his Aadhar Card details, will not be able to play for another State except his own one.

The Joint Secretary of the Wrestling Federation Of India, Villas Jagannath Kathure, further light was shed on the recent development.

Eliciting with an example, Kathure told Sportskeeda, "If a player has an Aadhar Card registered under the state of Maharashtra, he cannot play from Rajasthan. This is to ensure that wrestlers who come from states where the sport is not as popular get a chance to compete at the national level which would eventually help wrestling grow in said states."

Earlier, there was no such hard and fast rule and there was a growing tendency of players from other stronger states coming and joining teams from states which are weak in wrestling.

The Joint Secretary also pointed out how if these players play well from their state then they will be selected to play for the Services, Railways, CRPF's. Although this increases the competition in wrestling-strong states like Haryana, it would also promote wrestling in the weaker states like West Bengal, Rajasthan and new talents can emerge.

This step will ensure that fresh talent is recognized and allowed to surface. Previously, non-resident players from other states would come and dominate the teams and prevent local talent from rising.

Playing for the services and railways is much coveted and this process will ensure that players from all over India get a chance to rise and get an equal and fair chance at competing. Mr. Kathure and the Wrestling Federation has indeed taken a wise, much-awaited and far-sighted step by making Aadhar a compulsory document for the successful participation of any player in any wrestling tournament in the future.

Sohinee Basu
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