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Yogeshwar Dutt defends Prime Minister Narendra Modi after BJP's victories in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

Soumo Ghosh
997   //    21 Dec 2017, 09:45 IST

Yogeshwar Dutt
Yogeshwar Dutt

What’s the story?

Star wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt slammed the critics of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) won the state elections in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, earlier this week.

In case you didn’t know…

Yogeshwar Dutt is one of the most successful grapplers from India, having won multiple gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Championships and the Commonwealth Championship. The 35-year-old’s greatest moment on the mat came when he clinched the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics, and followed that up with an Asian Games gold two years later at Incheon, South Korea.

Heart of the matter

The Bharatiya Janta Party, which is at the helm of the current central government in India, gained further victories on the state level after it won the majority in the Gujarat and the Himachal Pradesh elections.

However, not everyone seemed to be happy about the result of the elections, with many voicing their opinions against Modi.

Yogeshwar did not seem to be too pleased about such criticism directed at the party and lashed out at the critics. He even went on to sarcastically state that winners of elections in the country are criticised, while terrorists are hailed as heroes.


“Surprisingly, in our country, terrorists are honoured, while abuses are hurled at the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is respectful of the whole country. Abusing him equates to abusing the nation. If the constitution turns winning an election into a criminal offence, perhaps nobody will dare to raise their voice against him,” wrote Yogeshwar in his tweet.

What’s next?

With the BJP sweeping the state elections the party looks set for more years at the helm of affairs in Himachal and Gujarat. However, the problem of terrorism still persists in certain parts of the country, something that the government has been trying to tackle for a long time.

Author’s take

Terrorist activities have been a menace in certain parts of India, and have been a major hindrance to the day-to-day lives in these areas. While there obviously are two sides to the story, a hindrance to further lives is not something that any government would desire.

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