Ken Shamrock comments on Valor Bare Knuckle's success, Impact Wrestling & more
Known for decades as "The World's Most Dangerous Man," Ken Shamrock is in rare company as a multi-sport champion and Hall Of Famer. Ken Shamrock has also found success over the years as an actor, author, and entrepreneur.

These days, Ken Shamrock not only stays active as a performer for IMPACT Wrestling but also as the owner and operator of Valor Bare Knuckle, Inc. A well-organized bare-knuckle promotion company, Valor BK is comparable to UFC, WWE or any major promotion that hosts combat sports live events. Yet Valor BK’s fights are different, edgier, and packed full of exhilarating bare-knuckle fights.

On June 5, 2020, Sportskeeda Wrestling's Darren Paltrowitz had the pleasure of speaking to Ken Shamrock by phone and you can check out that conversation in this video.