WWE Employee tests positive for COVID-19, Is The Undertaker retiring?
Korey Gunz and Tom Colohue talk about everything from the pro wrestling and WWE world in great detail again, from the fact that a WWE employee has tested positive for COVID-19 to the rumors that WWE had asked 'friends and family' to not wear masks. They go on to diSKuss ninjas, the greatest wrestling match ever, and the latest change in the WWE creative team, with Paul Heyman being replaced by Bruce Prichard.

RAW was a star-studded affair with Christian, Big Show, and Ric Flair, and that is touched upon too. Was there heat between Paul Heyman and AJ Styles, stemming from backstage issues? And what's up with Charlotte Flair using the word 'entitled' on RAW Talk, something that has caused quite a stir on social media?!

There's a major WWE star who wants to work in NXT, and Colohue talks about who it could potentially be. Also, is The Undertaker going to announce his retirement on the final episode of the Last Ride?

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