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NBA Top 10 Dunkers #6: Dwight Howard


In the world of basketball there are men and then there is a Superman.

- Souvik Roy Chowdhury

Basketball has a lot do with genes. Either you are built like an oak tree or you are not. In the case of Dwight Howard, he was built like an oak tree which could fly.

The 6’11″ center has a whole 265lbs (120 kg) to his frame and has the hops unlike anyone ever seen for a man his size. The man out of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, since he entered the NBA in 2004, has been one of the leaders in dunks per year, and has developed a reputation as one of the fiercest dunkers in NBA history. It’s hard to imagine the wrath that Howard unleashed on the rim or anyone unfortunate enough to stand in his way to dunking annihilation.

Get ready to look in awe:

Even with all his rim-shattering antiques he entered the 2008 NBA Slam Dunk contest as an underdog. It was a general perception that big men generally provided less “air” or “hang” time, which in turn reduces the entertainment factor. At the end of the show, Dwight had come away a winner, and with it had redefined the dunk contest forever. It was not only his sheer brute power, but also his sheer imagination, his charisma coupled with prime level of execution.

Dwight is a freak of nature. There is no other way to put it. While most humans aspire of reaching the basketball rim with their hands, Dwight goes about kissing the rim on his way to a dunk.

Right now in his career, Dwight Howard has taken a step back in terms of swooping in from the stratosphere or rising from nowhere to ascend towards heaven on his way to another earth-shattering dunk. This has been largely because of his single-minded pursuit of a Championship, playing play-book basketball rather than show-boating. The dunk however remains one of the biggest weapons in D-12′s arsenal.

Lest you forget of his godly athletic powers, let us leave you witness to another of his other-worldly dunk accomplishments.

Mere mortals dunk on other men, Dwight Howard dunks on giraffes.

Keep an eye out for the remaining spots in the list of the top 10 dunkers, as we countdown to the guy who slams the ball home the best in the NBA.



7. Derrick Rose
8. Dwyane Wade
9.  JaVale McGee
10. Josh Smith

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