WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: 7th April, 2014

So the WWE Universe now officially has nothing to look forward for one whole year after a shocking WrestleMania concluded at Mercedes-Benz Superdome last night. Apart from Daniel Bryan’s win, there was nothing that the fans could cheer at WrestleMania last night as each and every soul in who belonged to the WWE fan community was frozen when Brock Lesnar nailed Undertaker with an f-5. With everyone still recovering from the roof burning results from WrestleMania, WWE will be bringing their latest edition of Raw just to make us realize that we have much worse things than WrestleMania stored for us. So here is a look at what all things needs to be answered by WWE on Monday Night after messing up the biggest night of the year.

#5 What now for Hogan?

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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: 7th April, 2014 - Slide 5 of 5:What now for Hogan?

So the reason why WWE bought in Hogan into WWE was apparently just to make him come out onto the ring every now and then to make a fool out of himself talking about how great WrestleMania will be and how great the Network is.

And oh yeah! He was also the host of WrestleMania. And since all that has been wrapped up the question mark remains over what Hogan would do next.

He certainly cannot do what he did till now and needs a new direction. He is a simply too big to be confined into the reality television also which makes an Authority angle the best decision for him.

But WWE is bound on a course of destroying legacies; we might even see Hogan selling merchandise on the streets, so watch out when you walk near a store and see someone wearing the Hulkamania shirt. 

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