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WWE Raw Results & Latest News

Roman Reigns and his cousins: Meet his incredible family of wrestlers

We take a look into the incredible wrestling family of Roman Reigns. The WWE superstar has many cousins who have made it big in the industry

Goldberg being set up to lose at Survivor Series? Rumours claim

Is Goldberg going to lose to Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series? We analyse the rumours

WWE News: Ric Flair thinks Lesnar vs Goldberg is not a good idea

Goldberg is not ready to wrestle Lesnar, believes Flair.

WWE Rumours: Goldberg vs Roman Reigns at WM XXXIII

Could the two masters of the 'Spear' face-off at the grandest stage?

WWE News: Paul Heyman talks Bill Goldberg and what to expect from Brock Lesnar in the next month

What did the "Voice Of The Voiceless" reveal??

5 reasons why the Braun Strowman - Sami Zayn feud will succeed

Will a real program with solid competition put Braun Strowman over?

WWE News: Why WWE won't fire Paige

Firing Paige might actually backfire on WWE

WWE News: Noelle Foley opens up on her crush on Randy Orton

Noelle Foley tells a story about her crush Randy Orton

Fake FB Wall: Goldberg gets trolled by Superstars following his WWE return

The Myth made his WWE return after 12 years and while the fans went crazy the same cannot be said about Wrestling Superstars.

WWE News: Raw ratings bump up big thanks to Goldberg return

Raw benefited big time from Goldberg's return

WWE SmackDown Live vs. WWE Raw - Who won this week?

Goldberg returned, James Ellsworth won again! Who won the battle of the brands this week?

5 Booking options for Goldberg's return

Now that he is back, WHO'S NEXT?

WWE Rumours: Seth Rollins vs Triple H not happening at WrestleMania 33

WWE may have completely changed its plans for the highly-anticipated feud

WWE News: Goldberg's promo on Raw not scripted?

The promo was very passionate and made people wonder whether it was scripted or not

SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumors and scoops 21th October

All the latest from the world of professional wrestling and the WWE Universe.

WWE Rumours: WWE wants Chavo Guerrero to return

The former ECW and Cruiserweight Champion is reportedly on WWE's radar

WWE News: Mick Foley responds to Daniel Bryan's "coward criticism"

The Hardcore Legend fires back on the leader of the Yes! Movement

WWE News: Sheamus visiting India

Complete details of Sheamus' tour of India and how you can meet him!

Seth Rollins net worth and salary

We take a look at the net worth of one of the most widely respected wrestlers of this generation, Seth Rollins.

WWE News: Eric Bischoff on Goldberg’s Return, “Thank you for the Passion”

Bischoff praises Goldberg for his raw emotion and intensity
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