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WWE Raw Results & Latest News

WWE Rumours: Possible location of the Royal Rumble 2017 revealed

Where will the road to Wrestlemania begin?

WWE News: NXT viewership reportedly down quite a bit

The Yellow brand is not drawing the way it used to.

5 Reasons why fans love Roman Reigns

There are fans who love Roman Reigns, and I give you five reasons why they do.

WWE Rumours: Beth Phoenix to return to WWE?

Could the WWE Universe see a return from 'The Glamazon'?

5 Superstars WWE Smackdown needs right now

Smackdown Live is putting on some great shows every week. These superstars can help it gain greater momentum against Raw.

WWE News: AJ Styles reveals what he wants to do after wrestling

The Phenomenal one weighs in on where he plans to head after his in-ring career is done.

Do the Traditional WWE Survivor Series matches matter?

Survivor Series is on the come up. WWE should put effort into their traditional Survivor Series matches with the dawn of the new era

10 Things you probably didn't know about Chris Benoit

The story behind his tooth, connection with Finn Balor, shocking revelation from his sister-in-law and more.

SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumors and scoops 30th September

Follow the latest WWE news, rumours, and all day round coverage from the World of Wrestling Entertainment.

10 WWE Superstars that could be U.S. Presidential Candidates

Americas alternative to the stress and trash we call election season.

5 Things WWE wants you to forget about Lana

Some of the things about the ravishing beauty would derail Vince McMahon's PG project.

5 Reasons why the audience is to blame for WWE's decline

Fan sensibilities have changed over the years. Have they changed in a way that has been negative to the success of the business?

5 Ways to book Chris Jericho moving forward

Drink it in, guys. Chris Jericho is the best Raw has on its roster

10 Things WWE could do to improve ratings

These are just 10 ideas. I am sure there could be more.

5 Best WWE makeovers of all time

These wrestlers did not do well with their original characters, but were highly successful with others

WWE Rumours: TJ Perkins facing backstage heat over homeless comments

The new WWE Cruiserweight Champion is facing some heat backstage for some of his recent interviews.

WWE News: Raw gets all-time low ratings thanks to Presidential debate

Will the blue brand beat Raw in the ratings for the first time after the draft?

WWE News: Smackdown Live ratings slightly up from last week

The blue brand fell short of Raw by just an ounce once more.

Kevin Owens wife, tattoos, theme song, net worth and everything you need to know about him

Everything you wanted to know about Kevin Owens, his wife, his tattoos, rivalries and achievements.

WWE News: Rob Van Dam reveals he wasn't approached by WWE after the brand-split

Rob Van Dam opens up about his take on the brand split and his current WWE status.
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