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WWE Raw Results & News

5 Interesting storylines that could emerge following the WWE brand split Things are at a very interesting point in the WWE Universe following the WWE Draft and Battleground.
WWE RAW 25th July 2016 - 5 Points To Note The best Raw of the year so far!
WWE News: What happened after WWE Raw 25 July 2016 went off air We thought there is bound to be cross-overs between the brands at some point, but this was quick!
WWE Raw Results 25th July 2016, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights A new champion, a massive upset and a bunch of squash matches; read more for complete WWE Raw Results 25th July 2016.
5 Ways to book Finn Balor on WWE Raw There's going to be a new Demon in town tomorrow
WWE Rumors: Cesaro's shoot might be a blessing in disguise It looks like Cesaro's sounding off might just have led him to stumble onto the right track
WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: July 25, 2016 Are we bound to see the debut that we've been waiting for?
5 biggest losers from the WWE Draft Which Superstars have a right to be aggrieved after the WWE Draft?
WWE News: Raw and SmackDown get new logos New logos for the New Era
WWE News: Kevin Nash Wants To Return To WWE As Dolph Ziggler's Diesel Kevin Nash Wants To Return To WWE As Dolph Ziggler's Diesel
5 things you need to know about Gran Metalik Everything you need to know about Gran Metalik.
WWE Rumours: Possible names to join Cruiserweight division revealed Which indie stars will be joining the high-flying division?
WWE Rumours: WWE not planning to split the WWE World Heavyeright Title Will the WWE Champion appear on both shows?
WWE News: New roles announced for Jerry Lawler and Booker T after Brand Split Old horses, new courses?
How competition between Raw and SmackDown could be best for business Not why, but how?
WWE Monday Night RAW July 18, 2016: Results, Grades & Reflections Major developments en route to Battleground!
5 Worst Moments from the WWE Draft From Cesaro's outburst to Eva Marie, here are worst moments from the draft
WWE News: Luke Harper sends out cryptic tweet teasing retirement All the other members of the Wyatt Family were drafted, leaving Harper as the odd one out
WWE News: RAW and SmackDown Live get brand new announce teams after the Draft Corey Graves makes it to the main roster without being drafted
WWE News: Finn Balor reacts to being drafted to Raw It was always a case of when and not if
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