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WWE Raw Results & Latest News

SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumours and scoops 26th August, 2016 Follow the latest WWE news, rumours, and all day round coverage from the World of Wrestling Entertainment
WWE Rumours: Possible match for Backlash revealed The first brand-exclusive pay-per-view after the draft is stacking up
WWE News: The Usos blame Roman Reigns for fans's negative reaction to them The Usos speak candidly on the negative reaction from the WWE Universe
5 Former female Superstars WWE should bring back With the brand split in place, WWE will need some depth for their Women's divisions.
Which WWE Superstar has the best chance of becoming the next Universal Champion? Analyzing the odds of each contender in the Fatal 4-Way Universal Championship match.
5 Possible reasons to suspend Brock Lesnar after SummerSlam Did the Beast Incarnate really cross the line this time?
WWE Top Five Rumors of the Week and Analysis: 23rd August, 2016 What is the next feud for Brock Lesnar? Who is the favorite to win the Universal championship and more:
WWE Rumours: Main roster plans for Samoa Joe possibly revealed Samoa Joe may be on the main roster sooner than later
WWE SmackDown Live Preview: 23rd August, 2016 What could WWE bring in at this week's SmackDown?
WWE Rumours: Roman Reigns favourite to walk out Universal Champion next week Is the leader of The Roman Empire going to be back on top of the mountain?
WWE Rumours: WWE planning a showdown between The Rock and Vin Diesel at WrestleMania 33 Will we see the two Hollywood stars battling it out at the grandest stage of them all?
WWE News: Michelle McCool diagnosed with skin cancer Michelle McCool has a big battle ahead of her
WWE News: Cody Rhodes reveals if Dusty Rhodes would have supported his decision to leave WWE Was Dusty Rhodes unhappy with the way WWE handled him?
WWE News: Brock Lesnar receives temporary suspension after 2 failed drug tests Lesnar is facing up to two years each from USADA and NSAC along with fines.
WWE News: What happened after Raw went off air? Raw dark matches continue to be something not to miss for a live audience!
5 Things that would have been better without Brock Lesnar Even though The Beast Incarnate is a top draw, does his presence harm WWE?
WWE Rumours: Original plans for the WWE Universal Title revealed The Universal title was originally reserved to be a part of Smackdown
5 Superstars that could be the face of cruiserweight division Who should be the face of WWE's new Cruiserweight division? Here are some candidates.
25 best WWE Instagram photos of the week - August 21, 2016 Best photos from WWE superstars on Instagram this week
WWE News: Finn Balor wasn’t interested in forming Balor Club prior to shoulder injury Will The Demon return to WWE with the Balor Club?
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