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WWE Royal Rumble

Is an AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels match really the best thing for Royal Rumble?

An AJ Styles-Shawn Michaels match would blow the roof off the Alamodome in San Antonio at the Royal Rumble

WWE Rumours: AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels rumour killer

"The Phenomenal One" vs "The Heartbreak Kid" set to happen?

WWE News: Batista reveals the reason behind his 2014 WWE return

What brought the Animal back into the squared circle?

WWE News: Location for Royal Rumble 2017 possibly revealed?

Will we see another huge upset like the one that happened in 1999?

WWE News: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts says his support helped create Stone Cold's character

If it wasn't for the Hall of Famer, there may never have been a Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Hall of Famer condemns Roman Reigns' booking at Royal Rumble

The under-fire former WWE World Heavyweight Champion just might have a fan in this WWE legend

WWE Superstar seriously injured by Brock Lesnar

This is the downside of being such a physical performer

10 things the WWE wants you to forget about Triple H

Unfortunately for Triple H and the WWE, there are things in his past that they'd rather you forgot.

WWE tweaked the ending of the Royal Rumble match

An audible was taken mid-match and the booking was revamped to avoid fan backlash

Rating the top beatdowns of the WWE Royal Rumble 2016

What would with the world come to without a little chaos?

Are the first couple of the WWE taking their relationship to the next level?

Was that a straight admission or more wordplay from the face of the WWE?

Former WWE Superstar opens about Chris Benoit murder-suicide

He also revealed how he was screwed out of the WWE Championship by the company.

Did John Cena drop a clue about the Royal Rumble winner days before the PPV?

The face of the WWE dropped an FB post that doesn't seem so cryptic in retrospect

WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 5 Things that we wish happened at the PPV

WWE's lack of confidence in new stars and a horrible booking of Roman Reigns could've been avoided at the Royal Rumble.

The 5 most underrated aspects of WWE Royal Rumble 2016

Reminiscing about those things that did a lot to prop up the Royal Rumble 2016 but didn't get the attention they should.

Royal Rumble 2016 - 5 points to note

This year's Rumble gave us quite a few talking points. We'll take a look at the most promising of the lot.

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Results

All the results from the Royal Rumble 2016 held at the Amway Center, Orlando, Florida:

Huge name rumored to be returning at Royal Rumble

After being on the shelf for almost a year now, Daniel Bryan could be very well on his way back to the ring at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Josh Bredl to be 'punished' for his comments in the Royal Rumble match?

The NXT rookie could a victim of hazing for his impudent and potentially costly comments.

WWE teases surprise Royal Rumble entries

Could Sting and a fellow WCW legend be the astonishing entrants in the high-stakes match?
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