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5 Potential Royal Rumble Entrants


The opening pay-per-view of 2017 could mean a few surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble.

Who could be a surprise entrant in January’s pay-per-view event?

It’s hard to believe, but WWE’s Royal Rumble is only three months away. To take that a step further, the road to WrestleMania 33 is only stone’s throw from becoming a reality.

The first event of 2017 in the new era of the company should be well worth the show in San Antonio, Texas. I am sure I am not the only one who is curious how this will all play out. Does the winner have to challenge the champion of their brand, or will they have an opportunity to choose who they wish to meet in Orlando?

Hopefully, this won’t turn out to be an 18-second victory for the challenger, much like it was for Sheamus when he defeated Daniel Bryan in 2012 at WrestleMania 28. Yes, we all remember the kiss that proved deadly.

Rumours are already flying around the Internet about who may and may not enter the 40-wrestler elimination match. According to inquisitr.com, The Undertaker may make an appearance at the event. The Dead Man is from Texas, after all.

Besides the usual suspects, who may surprise us with their presence is anyone’s guess. This is a match that tends to bring back the past to compete with the present stars of the company. AJ Styles made his initial appearance in last year’s Rumble match, as the second participant along with Roman Reigns.

Seems like that may have been the best move WWE has made all year.

Who will be the “shocking” entrant this year – besides ‘Taker? While Steve Austin would be a pick no one would expect, let’s assume the rumours will find their way to the “Texas Rattlesnake.” Even if there is a better chance to win the lottery, it’s still fun to think about.

Here is a look at five possible “surprise” entrants in the Royal Rumble match (besides The Undertaker).

#5 Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is from San Antonio and could shock us all with an appearance

The former WWE World Champion is from San Antonio and is still one of the most popular wrestlers to ever compete in a wrestling ring. Although he is retired from the ring, Michaels has moved to Orlando to work at WWE’s training center in Orlando.

Michaels is a two-time Royal Rumble winner in 1995 and 1996.

I know he continually says he is retired from wrestling again, but I would still never say never when it comes to the “Heartbreak Kid.” What if, for the sake of argument, Michaels won the match? Fans would support this move wholeheartedly.

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