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5 Things WWE wants you to forget about Lana


Some of the things about the ravishing beauty would derail Vince McMahon's PG project.

WWE wouldn’t want you to delve deeply into Lana’s past

There are few women in the WWE right now, as a matter of fact in the entire history of the WWE, who are as stunning as Lana. The mere mention of her name sends chills down my body, and you may think I’m overexaggerating, but you’d be on the same plane that I am on once you complete reading this piece.

Catherine Joy "C.J." Perry made her WWE debut on the October 23rd, 2013 episode of NXT and her subsequent main roster debut at the royal Rumble in 2014. Inspired from the Ivan and Ludmilla Drago dynamic from Rocky 4, Lana and her real life beau Rusev have maintained their spot in the upper mid-card of the WWE despite being at the receiving end of some tremendous heat.

Rusev would have been just another struggling mid-carder if it would not have been for his beautiful valet telling him to crush his low life opponents. Not that Rusev isn’t proficient, it’s just that Lana adds the elegance and the legitimacy. The path to a legendary managerial career looks certain for Lana, with an alluring in-ring stint also a viable option.

But while she carves the path for herself, WWE would wish the fans forget these things about the Ravishing Russian.

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