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Could it be Brock Lesnar vs The Rock at WrestleMania 30?


Brock vs Rock. This match is not something that hasn?t happened before, it has a history which goes back to 2002 where Brock cleanly defeated T ...

Brock vs Rock. This match is not something that hasn’t happened before, it has a history which goes back to 2002 where Brock cleanly defeated The Rock for the undisputed title. But soon after, The Rock happened to leave the company, leaving the undisputed championship with Lesnar. It was different in every way back then. The era was different, things were far more transparent and legitimate and moreoverm Lesnar was in his budding days.

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Now, after a decade, while Lesnar vs HHH is on, Brock happened to invade Triple H‘s office last week. There was a little teaser behind the possible Rock vs Brock match as Lesnar stared down The Rock’s poster in the headquarters. At present, The Rock is injured and it is not clear as to how bad the injury is, how long it will keep Rock away and there is a possible threat to his in-ring career. But Vince McMahon, in his latest interview, said that he’s very optimistic about Rock vs Brock happening at WrestleMania 30.

Some are also of the opinion that Cena vs Rock (3rd time) needs to happen, but the boss is clearly against it. He believes the baton has been passed in an appropriate manner. The fact that Rock is not available for TV shows, Triple H, just to keep the possibility alive, played a smart move to keep Brock Lesnar’s image as a beast intact and planned to continue with the feud. But if Brock is to fight the biggest face of WWE till date at WrestleMania XXX, then he needs a victory against The Game. The fans polled over WWE website that they prefer Rock vs Brock over Cena vs Rock 3.

10 years in the making, the match should be a slobber-knocker. WWE has invested a lot of money on Brock Lesnar and the best way to gain huge returns out of him would be a match with The People’s Champion. It will need a good storyline and I see a big role to be played by Paul Heyman. We can wait and watch to know the exact health conditions of The Rock and how WWE team wants to go ahead with the possible match.

Going by Vince’s words and WWE’s writers, the match is very much on.

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