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Update on CM Punk's power rankings and Vince McMahon


Update on the status of CM Punk's power rankings and Vince McMahon's take on CM Punk.

CM Punk

CM Punk

- Power Rankings: WWE.com have left out CM Punk from last week’s power rankings. He was present in the rankings the week before.

- Vince McMahon: Latest reports from WWE suggest that the Punk situation has been de-emphasized within the industry, and everyone believes that he’s not coming back any-time soon.

Although Punk’s departure has not been made official as Vince McMahon really likes CM Punk personally and still hopes that the two parties can work something out.

- Announcement: Another reason why his departure is not being made public because WWE have a lot of time and money invested in Punk, and they want to fully capitalise on this association, as Punk’s name is still out in the stores etc.

In addition to that, some have said that WWE might not even acknowledge publicly the departure of Punk, till his contract expires in July.

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