News: The WWE creative team's take on the exit of CM Punk

CM Punk

CM Punk

Reports of Punk suffering a possible concussion at the Royal Rumble has been doing the rounds after he walked out of the company. Although, the superstar had already passed an Impact concussion test before walking out. However, at the 30-man Royal Rumble match he did get banged up very much.

The writers at the latest WWE creative meeting held last week have been told that Punk went home because he”got his bell rung” in the same match.

Recent reports from within the company have suggested that Punk walked out simply because of his torrid match which ruffled him up at the Royal Rumble, as opposed to everything that has been said about his departure, including things like creative frustration, WrestleMania XXX match against Triple H and everything else. A notion that probably has been passed down by Triple H and/or Vince McMahon.


No news of what talks have taken place between the chairman (Vince) and Punk are available, although the backstage feeling is that Vince is under the impression that Punk walked out solely because of his injury, or him being hurt.

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