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WWE News, Rumors and Results

Follow the latest WWE news, rumors at Sportskeeda. For WWE Raw, Smackdown and PPVs results this is your one stop destination.

WWE News: AJ Styles on the difference between being a main eventer in WWE and TNA

The Phenomenal One reveals the difference between being a main eventer in TNA and WWE

TNA News: Bruce Prichard reveals story on TNA pay issues

The WWE legend shoots and exposes payment issues that TNA is notorious for

WWE Rumours: Vince McMahon against turning John Cena heel

McMahon is not pleased with the idea of his poster boy turning into a heel.

SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumors and scoops 23rd October

All the latest from the world of professional wrestling and the WWE Universe.

WWE/TNA News: Billy Corgan demands information on WWE offer in TNA lawsuit

The Smashing Pumpkins lead man is demanding information about TNA's negotiations and more

WWE News: Why Samoa Joe wasn't signed by the WWE earlier, revealed

Vince McMahon did not want to sign the former NXT Champion. Bruce Prichard tells us why.

WWE News: Jim Ross believes Brock Lesnar will defeat Goldberg in their upcoming match

Does that mean this will be Goldberg's last match?

10 stars WWE should sign for the Cruiserweight Division

Scouring the scene for new additions to the newly reformed WWE Cruiserweight Division.

WWE Live event results - Hammond 21st October, 2016

The highlights from the recent WWE live show

WWE/MMA News: Jerry Lawler compares Bellator president with Vince McMahon

The former WWE Commentator sees similarities between the two personalities

WWE News: How long will The Spirit Squad be on Smackdown Live?

The two members of the Spirit Squad are back in the WWE. But for how long?

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon discusses the keys behind WWE's success

The three major factors that boosted WWE's acceptance

WWE News: Paige threatens Tampa's airport security

Paige took to twitter to lash out against airport security in Tampa

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016: 5 Shocking things that could happen at the pay-per-view

A career threatening move, brand wars and more.

Roman Reigns and his cousins: Meet his incredible family of wrestlers

We take a look into the incredible wrestling family of Roman Reigns. The WWE superstar has many cousins who have made it big in the industry

5 Reasons why Goldberg should defeat Brock Lesnar

Goldberg will have his final match when he takes on Brock Lesnar. It should be Goldberg, not Lesnar, who should come out on top.

Goldberg being set up to lose at Survivor Series? Rumours claim

Is Goldberg going to lose to Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series? We analyse the rumours

Total Bellas, Episode 3: Bryan's Lament

In a "very special episode" of Total Bellas, we explore despair, ignore dictionaries.

5 Feuds that must happen before WrestleMania 33

Current WWE superstars may find themselves in new feuds leading up to the company's biggest event of the year.

5 booking decisions WWE should avoid at Hell in a Cell 2016

WWE Hell in a Cell is on the horizon. There are some booking decisions that WWE should avoid if they want to make it memorable.
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