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WWE News, Rumors and Results

WWE News: Zach Gowen reveals the real reason behind his WWE release

The first one-legged wrestler in pro wrestling history finally opened up about the night he booted out of the WWE

WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe to make his main roster debut in the Royal Rumble match

This would be one heck of a way to kickstart the former NXT Champion's run in the big leagues

Predicting Alexa Bliss' next 5 opponents

SmackDown Live may have a new Women's Champion in Alexa Bliss, but with these women on deck, how long can she keep the gold?

WWE News: Randy Orton comments on his match with Brock Lesnar, appearance on Shooter and more

Orton feels WWE could have booked him 'a little better' at SummerSlam.

WWE News: Reason the women of Raw are complaining about Sasha Banks-Charlotte feud

The Raw women's roster complaining is reportedly part of a storyline.

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio says Vince McMahon would make a better president than Donald Trump

In an interview with TMZ, Del Rio flipped off the President-elect.

WWE News: Lana comments on her edgy segment with Enzo Amore

The gorgeous WWE Superstar replied to pro wrestling journalist, Justin LaBar's article about her hotel segment

5 WWE Tag Teams that succeeded despite the odds

These WWE teams shouldn't have been successful, but they proved the critics wrong

5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE SmackDown (December 6th, 2016)

Are we building toward a Fandango vs. Camera Guy match?

WWE Rumors: John Cena to replace Dean Ambrose in SmackDown Live main event scene

SmackDown live may see a new contender on the main event scene.

WWE News: What happened after SmackDown and 205 Live went off the air? (December 6th, 2016)

The New Wyatt Family took on the former NXT Tag Team Champions and Dolph Ziggler who made a surprise appearance.

The 7 most misused WWE Superstars in 2016

If James Ellsworth can have three World Championship matches, then why can't these Superstars be booked better?

WWE Rumours: WWE sidelines Alberto Del Rio & Paige's relationship

Is WWE avoiding the most talked about wrestling relationship of 2016?

WWE News: Lita removed from regular WWE duties, no longer with the company

Lita is no longer part of the WWE

WWE News: WWE expected to make several new talent recruitments in 2017

ROH is not the only place WWE is planning to raid next year.

WWE Rumors: Rhyno may be leaving the WWE soon

Rhyno's departure may be sooner than expected.

WWE Rumors: Jey Uso suffering from serious ankle injury?

The SmackDown star was spotted being moved around in a wheelchair.

WWE News: Will the Twitter drama between The Miz and Tye Dillinger lead to an Intercontinental Championship match?

Is this a sign of things to come?

WWE Rumours: AJ Styles to move to WWE RAW?

Vince McMahon is reportedly very impressed with AJ Styles and is considering moving the Phenomenal One to Raw next year.

WWE News: Baywatch trailer with The Rock and Priyanka Chopra released

The movie is set to release in the summer of 2017.
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