5 more AEW Stars' wives and their professions

5 more AEW Stars' wives and their professions
5 more AEW Stars' wives and their professions

#3. AEW Star Matt Jackson - Dana Massie

Matt Jackson, alongside his brother Nick, wrestled in different promotions before joining AEW in 2018. The two brothers, known as The Young Bucks, are not just in-ring performers in AEW. In addition to their wrestling jobs, both brothers are Executive Vice Presidents of AEW.

Matt and his brother are not the only members of their family who are currently occupying backstage positions in AEW. Matt's wife, Dana Massie, is also an AEW employee.

Massie serves as the Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer for AEW. She is also Matt and Nick's agent.

Before joining AEW, The Young Bucks had an offer from WWE. In an interview with Tradecraft Podcast, Massie spoke about how she handled the negotiations with Triple H.

"I was part of the conversation (between Matt and Triple H) because I handle the business for Matt and Nick -- anything we were worried about, he would reassure us and have an answer right away. We were comfortable with it."

Although it seemed like they were heading to Vince McMahon's company, a meeting with Tony Khan changed The Young Bucks' direction to AEW. The brothers excelled in the newly-established promotion and are currently the AEW World Tag Team Champions.

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